Netflix’s GLOW Renewed for Season 2


The best show you maybe haven’t yet seen has been renewed for a season 2. Netflix’s comedy GLOW tells a fictionalized tale about the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling show that began in 1986.

GLOW came out of nowhere to become one of Netflix’s most popular original series of the year. While not as explosively mainstream as Stranger Things was last year for the streaming service (remember, they debuted the Stranger Things season 2 trailer during the Super Bowl!), GLOW  has been popular enough to warrant a second season.

While GLOW definitely has an ensemble feel to it, there’s no denying who the two leads of the show are. Former Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie shines as Ruth Wilder. She’s a struggling actress in Hollywood and finds her niche as a villain in a wrestling show with the best Russian accent ever.

Joining Brie as a breakout star is everyone’s grumpy stand-up comedy dad (shoutout Pete Holmes) and podcasting superstar Marc Maron, who plays the show’s director Sam Sylvia. Maron brings his neurotic, “fml” style of comedy to the role, and it is a big time winner. Both Brie and Maron could be looking at award nominations when the time comes.

GLOW season 1 was brilliant, from the kickass 80’s soundtrack to the performances to the dedication of the actresses in learning how to actually wrestle. As a fan of pro wrestling, GLOW was a breath of fresh air. A respectful take on why pro wrestling is fun, with none of the judgmental BS that usually comes with non-pro wrestling fans.

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That dedication to their roles, along with the overall vibe of the show, made GLOW feel more authentic than most dark comedies. And that’s why it works so well. Pro wrestling is at it’s best when the wrestlers feel authentic and not forced. So it’s no surprise that GLOW was the same.

You can see the GLOW season 2 announcement on Netflix’s Facebook page.