Netflix releases trailer and premiere date for The Crown season 2


Rejoice, The Crown fans! Netflix has just released the first trailer for The Crown season 2, as well as the premiere date!

If you’re a fan of watching the lives of the British Royalty unfold on your television screen, then we’ve got some exciting news for you. Netflix has just dropped a trailer for season 2 of the show all about Queen Elizabeth II and her reign/life ( (and she’s still going strong!) as the Queen of England — The Crown season 2. Check it out:

"As Queen Elizabeth’s marriage and empire crumbles around her, she must do what is required to ensure the British monarchy survives."

As Variety reports, The Crown season 2 will air on December 8, and will cover the reign of the current Queen of England, as she navigates the turmoil of World War II and its end, her own forces waging their own illegal war in Egypt, and the fall of her third Prime Minister — Harold Macmillan.

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Taking place in the tumultuous 1960’s season 2 will star a few familiar faces for one more season before Showrunner Peter Morgan ages the cast with new actors. The show will run for six seasons and include 60 episodes. We Know these actors will return:

  • Claire Foy — Queen Elizabeth II
  • Matt Smith (Doctor Who) — His Royal Highness Philip Mountbatten (the Queen’s husband)
  • Vanessa Kirby — Princess Margret (the Queen’s sister)
  • Victoria Hamilton — Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Season 1 was the most expensive show in the history of Netflix, and I don’t expect season 2 to be any less so. Season 1 also featured some pretty terrific actors who racked up a lot of awards for their portrayal.

John Lithgow’s performance as Prime Minister Winston Churchill was something that only comes around every few years, and was a sheer delight to watch.

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Prepare to binge-watch The Crown Season 2 when it hits Netflix on December 8.