Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Eastwatch”?

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Who’s next in line to die on Game of Thrones? We bring your our very own Dead Pool for “Eastwatch.”

The Dead Pool. Our weekly odds on the five characters most likely to die in the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones. Sometimes the odds are high, say when you charge a full grown dragon like an idiot. Other times, the odds are low, like when you’re the show’s primary villain and your army hasn’t even reached the Wall yet because you’re too busy sight seeing. It’s all frozen and covered in snow Mr. Night King, just get a move on it already.

Anyways, last week’s episode did not see anyone on our list die, even if an innumerable amount of Lannisters were burnt to ash before being trampled by a horde of Dothraki. Still, things are looking up because Dany and Drogon are still lurking about on this week’s episode, “Eastwatch.” The preview shows Dany rounding up captives and demanding they bend the knee. Something tells us not everyone will choose to be flexible with their knees.

The rest of Westeros still remains in conflict as well, so there are plenty of other opportunities for someone on our list to be sent to the afterlife. Shall we begin?