Game of Thrones Episode 705 recap: “Eastwatch”


Largely serving as a set-up for events in the final two episodes of season 7, Game of Thrones “Eastwatch” was not without its charms. Or reunions.

Game of Thrones season 7 is sadly coming to an end, but like anything great in life, we are enjoying the hell out of it while it’s here. Case in point, this week’s episode “Eastwatch.”

Although the episode did not have any large battles, it did have plenty of smaller moments that laid the ground work for the final two episodes of the season. Minor spoilers follow below. And by minor, we mean every single detail we can remember.

Wasting no time, “Eastwatch” begins by revealing the fate of Jaime Lannister and his faithful man servant Bronn. Bronn has some choice words for Jaime and makes it quite clear that no one is allowed to kill him until Bronn receives his castle. For his part, Jaime is quite shaken by his encounter with Drogon. For our part, we’re wondering how the hell Jaime swam with all that armor on.

Cut to the other Lannister brother, as Tyrion surveys the damage wrought by Drogon in last week’s battle. Tyrion is clearly horrified, but like a Spinal Tap guitar, his horror is about to get turned up to eleven. Dany stuck around after the battle and is looking for her captives to bend the knee. Bend the knee or be torched by Godzilla.

Still, Randyll Tarly is not a man easily bowed. Randyll refuses to bend the knee and appears content to face his fate. When Dickon decides to join his father in facing the dragonfire, Randyll displays his first sign of weakness. Tyrion tries his best to argue on the Tarlys’ behalf, to no avail, as Dany commands Drogon to burn both of the Tarlys. So much for that. We kind of liked Dickon though. Oh well.

Jaime arrives back in King’s Landing, desperate to share the news of House Lannister’s defeat at Drogon’s fire. Cersei seems unperturbed, despite Jaime’s dire warnings on the skill of Dany’s Dothraki horde, and her dragons. Jaime isn’t done there though, as he reveals Olenna Tyrell’s confession to the murder of Joffrey. Cersei attempts to brush it aside, but Jaime’s logic bomb about which son of Cersei Olenna would have rather seen Margaery marry brings Cersei around to the truth. Not that she wants to stop fighting Dany of course.

Speaking of, after torching the Tarlys, Daenerys and Drogon quickly return to Dragonstone. There they come upon Jon Snow, who manages to pet Drogon. It goes a long way with Dany to be sure. Dany and Jon have a conversation about ruling, before discussing Davos’ knife through the heart comment. Jon appears on the verge of telling Dany the truth before they are interrupted by the return of Jorah Mormont. It’s the first of many reunions this episode, though none of them will last.

In this week’s edition of Bran is weird, but useful, the new Three-Eyed Raven sends, you guessed it, ravens north of the Wall in search of the Night King. En route, the ravens pass the titular Eastwatch, and it looks pretty damn cool.

The switchback stair in lieu of an elevator like at Castle Black was a nice touch. Anyway, it doesn’t take long for the Three-Eyed Raven’s ravens to find the Night King and his army. The army of the undead is downright massive at this point, and our heroes are all screwed basically. The Night King scares off the ravens with a look, and Bran is shocked back into his body. Recognizing the threat, Bran dispatches yet more ravens to every corner of Westeros. Hopefully, the ravens are getting paid overtime.

One such raven finds its way to the Citadel, where a conclave of maesters attempts to divine its authenticity. Samwell Tarly is naturally randomly present and attempts to sway the maesters into believing the letter’s call to fight the White Walkers. The assembled group of maesters choose not to believe the letter… yet. Sam is naturally discouraged, and after a late night study session with Gilly decides it’s time to leave the Citadel post haste. Before the study session was over Gilly casually drops a nuclear bomb of information regarding Jon’s parentage, but nothing to see here folks. Keep moving.

Sam is naturally discouraged, and after a late night study session with Gilly decides it’s time to leave the Citadel post haste. Before the study session was over Gilly casually drops a nuclear bomb of information regarding Jon’s parentage, but nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Back on Dragonstone, again, Tyrion and Varys are discussing Daenerys’ decision to torch the Tarlys. Varys stresses the need for Tyrion to restrain her fire burning tendencies, citing his lack of success in restraining her father the Mad King as positive encouragement. The two also discuss the raven they have received from Bran, regarding the coming White Walkers. And then it’s time for a little planning.

In Dany’s war room, decisions need to be made. Dany seems to now be fully on board with fighting the undead, but cannot simply stop the war with Cersei. Tyrion believes he as a solution, though it strikes us as the height of lunacy.  Tyrion believes if Cersei were made to believe in the undead, she might be willing set aside the conflict with Dany to fight them. Which is a big if.

Someone decides that bringing a wight down to King’s Landing is their best option, meaning someone will have to go north of the Wall and capture one. Which is an even bigger if. Wights don’t just wonder around the woods all alone.

Jon volunteers to lead the expedition, something Dany is visibly against, and not just for strategic reasons. For Tyrion, that means first seeing if Cersei would agree to meet. Of course, Cersei would never meet with Tyrion, so that means Tyrion has to chance a meeting with Jaime instead.

Back in Winterfell, the lords of the North are eager to elect a new ruler. Seems Jon has been gone a few days, and the King in the North can’t ever take a vacation. Seriously though, these guys are just a few weeks from electing one of the two stooges who were guarding the gate last week as King in the North. Anyway, they nominate Sansa as queen, something she declines.

Retiring to Sansa’s quarters (Ned and Catelyn’s old rooms) Arya is eager to have heads roll for the perceived treason, but Sansa attempts to educate Arya on the values of diplomacy. Arya is hearing none of it though, and sets off to investigate Littlefinger. Following him about Winterfell without bothering to really conceal herself, Arya eventually stumbles upon a letter obtained by Littlefinger. That letter, written by Sansa back during season 1, urged Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. Littlefinger clearly wanted Arya to find the letter, but our guess is Baelish is overestimating his own cunning.

In King’s Landing, Davos and Tyrion smuggle themselves into the city and separate for a pair of reunions. Tyrion is off to meet with Jaime, the first meeting of the brothers since Tyrion killed their father, Tywin back in season 4. It’s a wonderfully acted scene, as Tyrion manages to convince Jaime to talk with Cersei.

Davos for his part, is off to find Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s last surviving bastard. Turns out he hasn’t been rowing since we last saw him in season 3, but rather he’s been working as a blacksmith. Gendry is eager to join Davos and needs no convincing. Bringing an overly large warhammer with him, the two depart. Almost escaping King’s Landing undetected, the group is waylaid by a pair of Goldcloaks. Gendry quickly dispatches the pair with his massive hammer, the group sets off for Dragonstone, mission accomplished.

Cersei receives the news of Jaime’s meeting with calm fury, but is convinced an armistice might be the in Lannister’s favor considering their recent losses. More shocking, is Cersei’s revelation that she is pregnant with Jaime’s child. Cersei is eager to tell the world, no longer caring what people think. Jaime appears more hesitant, even more so after Cersei demands Jaime never betray her again (we assume Cersei is referring to speaking with Tyrion).

Back on Dragonstone, again, feels like we never left, Jon meets with Gendry, who confesses his heritage despite Davoss’ warning. Gendry’s line about their fathers fighting together is a touching moment, and Gendry is once again eager to volunteer. This time, its for Jon’s suicide squad. Its then time for goodbyes.

Jon, Tyrion and Jorah are all headed north, and each says their goodbyes to Davos, Dany and Tyrion respectively. Jon’s goodbye to Dany seems to invoke some sort of deeper attraction, but its not exactly a private farewell. Awkward.

Finally, we arrive at the titular Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. For Gendry that’s King’s Landing, to Dragonstone, to the Wall all in just a few hours. At least, that’s what it feels like. Season 7 is really not messing around. Anyway, upon arrival at Eastwatch, Jon finds a few more unlikely recruits for his mission.

It seems in addition to Tormund making his way to Eastwatch, the Brotherhood Without Banners have arrived as well. Tormund locked the lot of them up, but they convince Jon of their desire to join his suicide squad. Every man in the group seemingly has a reason to mistrust the other, and yet they are off to somehow abscond with a single wight. We’re guessing this won’t go well, but should be fun at least.

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Game of Thrones Episode 706 airs Sunday at 9:00 PM EST.