Watch the epic extended preview for Game of Thrones Episode 706


Marking the penultimate episode for Game of Thrones season 7, Episode 706 will be 70 minutes in length and packed with action.

HBO seems to be holding its cards close to the vest when it comes to Game of Thrones Episode 706, and there’s most likely a good reason for that. For instance, HBO has yet to reveal the title of 706, and with a group of major characters venturing north of the Wall in order to capture a wight, there’s a very good chance one or two of them won’t make it back to Eastwatch-by-the-sea.

See for yourself, in the epic, extended preview for Game of Thrones Episode 706.

Despite there being a few scenes Dragonstone and Winterfell, Jon’s Suicide Squad is the real draw of this preview. The squad is taken to that mountain shaped like an arrow head, from The Hound’s vision in the season 7 premiere.

Once there, Jon realizes they’ve made a horrible mistake…

…because the dead are pouring in like ants when you drop food on the floor and forget to pick it up. Jon and the squad are basically that food.

Everyone gets into their best “oh shit” fighting stance.

We get a nice hero shot of the squad before it gets real.

And away we go.

The Hound strikes a blow with a hammer.

So too does Gendry, but his is way cooler. Notice the stun move Gendry uses with the butt of his warhammer, right before he brings down the business end on that wight.

Jon faces off against a White Walker. He’s good at that, plus, he’s the only one of the squad with a Valyrian steel sword. Good thing Jorah didn’t want Longclaw back.

At some point in the fight, maybe before or maybe after, all hell breaks loose…

…and it’s every man for himself, with Jon taking the lead.

And then it happens, the Night King does something ominous.

But Beric Dondarrion ain’t having it.

I can’t wait to see in what order these events unfold because I’m sure it’s going to be very exciting.

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Tune into HBO Sunday night at 8 PM CT to see what happens on Game of Thrones Episode 706.