HBO releases 12 photos ahead of Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall”


HBO has finally given us the name of Sunday night’s all-new episode of Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall,” as well as 12 photos.

Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall,” has already suffered its first setback, as the episode was leaked by HBO Spain late Tuesday night. And, on Wednesday, despite HBO’s best efforts to have it removed from every sharing site it could, the episode can now be pirated or simply watched from many sites across the internet.

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That being said, HBO has released 12 photos ahead of the episode, which airs Sunday night. We start north beyond the Wall as Jon and company prepare for an attack.

Next, we have Tyrion and Daenerys walking between her dragons. Looks like they’ll be going on an adventure.

Beyond the Wall, Beric ignites his sword in anticipation of a wight attack, I’m sure.

Jon also looks to be preparing for the wights. His sword doesn’t flame-on like Beric’s though. Lame.

Here are Jon and the gang walking through the snow and ice.

Jorah’s head shots are coming along nicely.

So too, is Tormund’s.

Not to be outdone, Jon adds snow to his…you know, because he thinks he’s clever.

Jon and Beric share a moment. “Hey, I was dead and brought back, I get it, man.”

Sansa has some plot in motion at Winterfell and it looks like Brienne is getting wrangled in.

Sansa and Arya do not look like they’re having fun in this photo.

And finally, Dany and Tyrion share a fireside chat where Tyrion tries to tell that one joke he never finishes.

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Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall” airs this Sunday night at 8 PM across all HBO platforms.