Game of Thrones Episode 706 has leaked


HBO Spain aired Game of Thrones Episode 706 by accident.

For the second time this season, an episode of Game of Thrones has been leaked, and this time it appears to be by complete accident from HBO Spain. We first learned of the leak from the Freefolk subreddit, where a thread with many links to photos and videos of Episode 706 are being shared.

The first major leak to happen this season was with Episode 704, “The Spoils of War,” when an HBO affiliate, Star India, had its copy shared to the internet. That didn’t stop the rating juggernaut that is Game of Thrones from shattering viewership records, however, as “The Spoils of War” hit 10.167 million views.

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So far, it seems as if HBO has been successful in removing links shared through most sites, but there are a few still going. At the time of this article, there was a Twitch feed streaming the full episode. And, as expected that stream was removed but not before some pivotal scenes were live-streamed in HD.

We’re not going to show you the myriad of photos, but should you wish to foray into the dark and terror-filled internet, you can check out the Freefolk.

According to the same thread sharing multiple links from this current leak, HBO Spain aired the episode more than once, so we expect there to be plenty of HD quality versions of Episode 706, hitting pirating sites very soon.

With the recent news of it being hacked, the 704 leak, and now this, one has to wonder how things will change for HBO, moving forward, once season 7 is finished.

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You can watch Game of Thrones Episode 706 when it airs across all HBO platforms, Sunday night at 8 PM CT.