Marvel Teases “The Defenders” With Character Clips


The Defenders is so close to debuting but Marvel is still releasing new clips to stir up even more excitement for the Netflix mini-series.

With each hero having their own television show, it’s only natural that fans want to see some of the supporting cast despite the show being about the superhero team-up. Marvel has answered those requests by debuting a series of twenty-second videos on Twitter that centers around the needed allies of these heroes.

While there’s no sign of Jessica in this clip, it shows how her foster-sister will meet Daredevil‘s Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). A surprise standout last season, Jessica Jones fans were excited when Rachael Walker was confirmed to return to The Defenders. Considering she ended season one last season investigating the mysterious company, IGH, it isn’t shocking to see her use her investigative skills to work with Karen. The clip above confirms that Alexandra is sending The Hand out to attack the heroes’ loved ones when both Trish and Karen talk about getting attacked. Hopefully, the two of them can meet up with Misty Knight and Claire Temple to make the greatest detective team in The Defenders.

The clip for Daredevil is a little less straightforward and brings up even more questions about Alexandra’s motivations. She calls Stick (Scott Glenn), Daredevil’s mentor, her old friend before asking him not to bite her once she removes his hood meaning the two must have some sort of relationship. However, the most noticeable is Sigourney Weaver’s crisp white outfit compared to Stick’s black hood which makes you wonder if the line between good and evil will be clear-cut in The Defenders.

Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) might be Matt Murdock’s best friend, but his story is going to intertwine with Luke Cage’s in The Defenders. Now employed at Jeri Hogarth’s law firm, he has come to Luke’s aid in the clip above. Considering the hero left his first season heading back to jail, it seems like Claire has made good on her promise to find him a great lawyer. Since Matt is back in business in the miniseries, it only seems like a matter of time before Foggy finds his way back to his best friend’s practice this season.

Whether you liked Iron Fist or not, everyone can agree that Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) was the brightest spot of the series. She has found her way into Misty Knight’s precinct, where she was apparently found incredibly bloodied. Did The Hand get to her first or was it someone else? It’s a little unclear, but Misty does get a fun dig in at how weird it is for Colleen to be carrying around a katana.

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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t done a great job of incorporating its movies with its television shows, but Netflix seems like it will have a true crossover between its four shows. The friendships blossoming between all of these characters will make The Defenders something truly worth watching as well as achieve the feeling of reading an actual comic book.