Marvel Drops A New Featurette For “The Defenders”


Marvel’s latest superhero team-up, The Defenders, hits Netflix this Friday but the streaming service gave fans one last trailer to hold them over for the rest of the week.

The new featurette offers up a couple of new scenes, including a longer look at that hallway fight scene, as well as short interviews with the cast chatting about their characters. While there isn’t any new information revealed in the video, it’s still a fun couple of minutes to keep fans excited for the next couple of days.

Touching on each of their characters, the core four discuss exactly what it is that brings the group together. Charlie Cox talks about how Matt Murdock has abandoned his vigilante life after the events of Daredevil Season 2 and is feeling a bit lost. He’s drawn back in once he realizes how New York City needs the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in order to take down the Hand and presumably when he discovers that Elektra is alive.

Similar to Matt, Jessica has shunned the superhero side of herself in favor of pursuing her private eye career. As Krysten Ritter points out, Jessica has never had the call to public service like any of the other heroes in The Defenders, but instead has zero interest in saving anyone. Of course, Jessica Jones proved that she will go to extreme lengths to protect her foster-sister, Trish Walker, and that will most likely be a huge motivation for her to join the team up.

Mike Colter and Finn Jones get the smallest amount of time to discuss their characters but from the teaser, it appears like both of them are more than willing to team up in order to save the city.

On top of a new trailer, this poster made waves over Twitter this morning. It’s unclear whether this is an official poster for The Defenders or a fan-made one but either way, it’s another exciting look at what is coming this weekend. If it is officially from Marvel, it’s important to note that Danny is in his full Iron Fist costume as well as somber stares from Foggy Nelson, Misty Knight, and Claire Temple. Sadly it doesn’t look like fans can expect Trish Walker to suit up as Hellcat despite being one of the original members of The Defenders in the comics.

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The Defenders debuts on Netflix this Friday and has already been positively received by critics. With an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this is one Marvel series you won’t want to miss. Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the poster and the featurette!