The Walking Dead season 7 Netflix release date revealed


If you were waiting to watch The Walking Dead season 7 on Netflix, then we’ve got some great news for you!

It’s official, The Walking Dead season 7 will be hitting Netflix on September 8! That’s just over two weeks from now. With the show’s season 8 preparing to premiere on October 22, we had a feeling season 7 would be hitting the streaming service any day now, and our patience has paid off.

Season 7 ran for the usual 16 episode-slate and saw the character of Negan rise and cause havoc and mayhem to our favorite group of survivors. In fact, it wasn’t until the season finale that we actually got Rick and some new allies to rally around the Alexandria Safe Zone and stand up to the big bad Negan.

Here’s the trailer for season 8:

As points out, the Blu-Ray is available now, of season 7, and does include a plethora of deleted scenes, as well as loads of behind the scenes featurettes.

As you may remember, the season 7 premiere saw Negan fulfill his comic book role, as he delivered a death blow to fan-favorite Glenn Rhee. However, following that episode, ratings seemed to slowly take a dive, as fans began to lose interest in Rick constantly being beaten down by Negan for the first half of the season.

When the second half of the season rolled around, Rick had a new lease on life and began gathering allies in what season 8 will be largely about: “All Out War.”

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