The Walking Dead’s 100th episode is nearly finished


The Walking Dead Season 8 returns to AMC on October 22, and thanks to an Instagram pic, we now know that episode is nearly finished and ready to be aired.

When The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October 22, it will be for the show’s eighth season, but that isn’t the only milestone TWD will be sharing, as the first episode of season 8 will be the 100th episode o the series.

Executive producer of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero, shared an Instagram photo of episode 801, claiming it was almost done, calling it “an amazing piece of television.”

As pointed out, audio mixing is usually the final step before an episode is locked up and ready for viewing for the general public. And, since the premiere of The Walking Dead isn’t set to hit AMC until October 22, that means the showrunners and producers have plenty of time to get each episode just right.

There are been plenty of buzz surrounding season 8, as the trailer showed an “old man Rick” lying in what appeared to be a hospital bed, with a cane leaning against a wall.

As you can see from the image of the trailer, it matches the screen Nicotero is working on. What does it all mean? Does “old man Rick” serve a larger purpose than just some dream sequence?

As Polygon points out, that particular scene happens in issue #127 of The Walking Dead comics, which does a two year time hop from the point right after the war with Negan — All Out War.

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Either way, we’ll find out what’s going on with our favorite band of survivors when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22.