AMC releases the synopsis for The Walking Dead season 8


As we draw ever closer to The Walking Dead season 8 premiere, AMC has released the official synopsis for the season.

Rick Grimes and the survivors of the Alexandria Safe Zone, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom are banding together in The Walking Dead season 8. Their mission is to wipe out Negan and the Saviors. This will be all out war, and both sides are sure to lose people, but will some of our favorite characters die too?

For now, we have no idea, but AMC has released the official synopsis for season 8 and it confirms what we already knew. Check it out:

"This season, Rick brings “All Out War” to Negan and his forces. The Saviors are larger, better-equipped, and ruthless — but Rick and the unified communities are fighting for the promise of a brighter future. The battle lines are drawn as they launch into a kinetic, action-packed offensive."

Here’s the season 8 trailer coinciding with this synopsis:

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"Up until now, survival has been the focus of Rick and our group, but it’s not enough. They have to fight to take back their freedom so that they can live. So that they can rebuild. As with any battle, there will be losses. Casualties. But with Rick leading the Alexandrian forces, Maggie leading the Hilltop, and King Ezekiel leading the Kingdom — Negan and the Saviors’ grip on this world may finally be coming to an end."

There you have it, the popular comic run The Walking Dead — “All Out War” — is happening in season 8, and Rick and his new unified alliances will face the Saviors led by Negan, who are better equipped and have larger numbers.

What excites me most about that synopsis is we can expect losses and casualties. The Walking Dead needs a shot in the arm if it’s going to keep its fanbase happy, and there is no better way than keeping them on their toes by killing characters with thick plot armor, making the death shocking and unexpected.

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We will find out just how much The Walking Dead has changed for season 8 — especially since season 7 was such a dud according to many fans — when the show returns to AMC on October 22.

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