Tremors TV show pilot finished, Kevin Bacon ready for next step


Fans of fun horror movies often call up memories of the 1990 monster movie Tremors as a favorite.

That film starred Reba McEntire and Kevin Bacon as two residents in a Nevada town that finds itself under siege from underground burrowing creatures with giant teeth called Graboids that like to pop out of the ground and eat unsuspecting people.

Fans of Tremors got some exciting news this week when Kevin Bacon hit Instagram with some fun information. A pilot for a Tremors TV show started shooting in October with Kevin Bacon returning to his original role of Valentine “Val” McKee, and the shoot has wrapped.

Bacon took to Instagram and posted that the shoot in New Mexico had ended and he hoped they could continue so he can “keep walking in these boots.”

The next step is for SyFy to pick up the Tremors pilot and take it to series. Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Slice) directed the pilot, and this is the first time Kevin Bacon has returned to the franchise since the first movie.

There have been four sequels and a 2003 TV show that also ran on SyFy. All those movies featured Michael Gross as Burt Grummer, the only character to tie the entire franchise together. There is also a fifth sequel movie set to hit in January 2018.

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According to the sparse details of the Tremors, Kevin Bacon returns as Val McKee, a “faded hero” living off his past glories. If the Graboids are back, it sounds like a slight spin on what STARZ did with Bruce Campbell’s Ash on his Evil Dead spinoff.