10 TV gangsters you would love to have a pint with on St. Patrick’s Day

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Which of these television gangsters would you want to risk having a brew with on St. Patrick’s Day?

Primetime television is rife with hoodlums. Being on the wrong side of the law has way more cons than it does pros (see what I did there?), but one thing it does have going for it is some interesting characters.

So with St. Patrick’s Day just around the bend, let’s take a look at which of the many television gangsters on your on-demand or streaming service you’d want to saddle up and have a pint with on St. Patrick’s Day.

Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire)

Now if you’re drinking with Nucky on St. Patrick’s Day, you better believe that this isn’t gonna be a “paint the town red” kind of evening. Absolutely not. This meeting will be one of sophistication and of discretion. One with light conversation discussing the Atlantic City Boardwalk’s ongoings.

And the drink poured will probably not be a pint, but some wine or a Manhattan. Do not expect a long night either. Considering that this is Prohibition, Nucky will definitely have business to attend to. However, keep things brief and you may not have to worry about footing the bill (especially if the meet-up involves political matters – gotta keep up appearances)

Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini in HBO’s The Sopranos)

With the announcement of The Many Saints of Newark, there will be more Sopranos to be had. Until then, however, you’re going to have a damn good night with Tony. The evening will likely start off at the Bada Bing, but who knows where it will go? You’ll either stay there and enjoy the “entertainment” or you’ll hit Newark for a night on the town that may or may not include a poker game with Frank Sinatra Jr.

Just be ready to have some ribbing done to you. Tony’s known for tossing those zingers and you better show him you can handle it. I wouldn’t worry about any panic attacks, but get enough booze in him and he may reflect sentimentally on his late steed, Pie-O-My.

You show that you can hang, he’ll make sure you’re taken care of, for this night and many more to come. Be wary if Uncle Junior’s looming around, though. Sure, he may be family, but blood doesn’t always appear thicker than water when you’re fighting over who’s in charge.