Cloak and Dagger gets a new trailer and poster


Freeform released a full-length trailer and poster for their highly anticipated new Marvel Comics series — Cloak and Dagger.

Debuting early to rave reviews at SXSW, the latest Marvel show is expected to be a hit. The recent trailer gives viewers a better glimpse at the titular heroes as well as their backstories.

Fans of the comics will notice some large differences, but that doesn’t prevent the trailer from being intriguing.

Based on the trailer, Cloak and Dagger plans to have only one of their kids as a runaway. Tyrone looks like a popular jock at his school, flirting with cheerleaders while wearing his letterman jacket.

Meanwhile, Tandy can be seen stealing jewelry and drugs from a house. It’s possible her thefts might be what has the two unite as teenagers.

The footage also teases young Tandy and Tyrone a lot. Clearly, the two will be bonded together through some tragic event. However, it’s interesting to see the former as a small ballerina compared to her older self. Not much can be seen about Tyrone’s childhood except for a few scenes that see him on the run.

A big part of the trailer showcases the two heroes’ new powers. Cloak and Dagger actually has some impressive special effects for a Freeform show. The two teenagers have a unique set of powers which act as a yin and yang to each other.

While they grow closer throughout the footage, it’s clear that their powers are dangerous for one another. An ominous voice over claims that only one of them will live despite their bond.

Photo Credit: Freeform

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Like Hulu’s RunawaysCloak and Dagger is supposed to be a complex superhero show. Early critics compared it to the Netflix series, specifically Jessica Jones. It will set the tone for the new Freeform network and for the direction of Marvel television.

Cloak and Dagger debuts on Freeform on Thursday, June 7.