Maroni family confirmed to appear in DC’s Titans TV show


Recent set photos from Talkies Network tease a new villain in DC’s Titans.

It seems like the Maroni crime family will be appearing in the upcoming show. They join other rumored villains, Trigon and Ra’s al Ghul to play a part in this season. However, the amount of Batman characters makes it feel like the Titans will fighting crime on the streets of Gotham.

Sal Maroni, an infamous crime boss, has appeared in DCEU movies and television shows. He made an appearance in Gotham played by David Zayas and Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight. Over the years he’s become a huge figurehead in DC Comics.

While it’s unclear of how large a role the Maroni family will be playing in the first season of Titans. The set photo only has a trailer for “Stunt Maroni 1,” which only confirms the crime family will appear.

Photo Credit: Talkies Network

However, viewers familiar with Dick Grayson’s backstory know that he has tragic ties to the Maroni’s. Tony Zucco is a low-level lackey working for Maroni but is responsible for the death of Dick’s parents.

With every episode titled after a member of the team, it would make sense for the series to explore the leader’s history. Dick is no longer a child and if Zucco is introduced then it will probably follow his comic book run after making parole.

It’s very unclear how much each of these rumored characters will appear in Titans. Recently, it was reported that Jason Todd would also make a debut as Robin throughout the first season. Todd will definitely show up in the season but his involvement won’t be as much as people are expecting.

The actor expected to play him, Curran Walters, was just cast as the lead in a new CW pilot for the 2018 season. If the show is picked up, then it’s doubtful Walters will ever be more than recurring on the DC streaming service.

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Every new piece of information teases an extremely interesting take on infamous comic characters. With so many Batman characters joining the series, it’s possible that even more Bat Family members will appear.

Now that the Batgirl movie has been put on hold, maybe Barbara Gordon can join the team. Titans is expected to start it’s thirteen episode run sometime in 2018 on the DC streaming service.