The new Titans show might have cast a second Robin


When Brenton Thwaites was announced as Dick Grayson in the upcoming Titans series, fans were surprised.

The actor is in his late twenties, the perfect age for Nightwing rather than Robin. However, the episode titles and a new face on set implies that the second Boy Wonder might be making an appearance.

Actor Curran Walters (Girl Meets World) was spotted on set in Toronto and looks young enough to play Jason Todd. The second Robin is most famous for dying at the hands of the Joker before returning as a vigilante.

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Based on Walters appearance, it’s unlikely fans will see him transition into the Red Hood during the first season. However, it does hint that Dick Grayson might be handing over the Robin mantle sometime in the first seven episodes.

TitansTV managed to discover the episode titles for the first season of Titans. Each week is named after a member of the team, hinting that the series will introduce the characters one by one. Interestingly enough, Jason Todd is the title for the seventh episode which could mean he’ll be taking over as Robin.

Thwaites’ age definitely makes more sense for the older actor to play Nightwing. It’s unclear if DC didn’t want to have the hero in Titans because of the upcoming movie or a creative decision. After disappointment by fans, it wouldn’t be surprising if producers decided to switch things up.

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Of course, Walters could be playing a different character entirely. The episode titles seem to confirm that someone will be appearing as Jason Todd but it might be someone old enough to play the Red Hood.

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Fans have speculated he’s actually Roy Harper, who is currently starring in the Titans comics. Since Colton Haynes exited as series regular on Arrow, it leaves the character open to joining a new show.

Titans is currently filming in Toronto and will debut with the launch of the DC Comics streaming service. Following Dick Grayson and his team of super-powered heroes, the group will have to prove their worth compared to the Justice League.