Season four of FX’s Fargo will be another period piece dealing with the American landscape


The creator of FX’s Fargo reveals he plans to make season four a period piece.

While there is no set date for Fargo’s return, creator of the series, Noah Hawley, has shared that he wants to make it a period piece. Since season three’s finale, Hawley has been additionally working on Legion, a Doctor Doom movie, and an astronaut film Pale Blue Dot starring Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm.

It comes as no surprise that Hawley has not been able to set aside time to focus on season four of Fargo.

With the series’ future in question after season three, fans are delighted to hear any news about Fargo’s next season. At the 2018 TCA winter press tour, FX president, John Landgraf revealed that there would be a fourth season.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hawley talked about his ideas for Fargo season four.

"“I now have an idea that’s less in the corner of my eye and more in front of me. I don’t have a lot of time right now to focus on it. What I can say is that it will be another period piece. More and more as I think about telling stories in this vein and what the original film is about, these are really American stories and stories about the American landscape, and the things that people do for money."

Hawley finished by saying that he feels like he has an interesting and exciting direction to go with Fargo. The problem — as expected — is trying to find the time to get the story down on paper.

While which period Hawley will focus on is unclear, once he begins to write, one can only imagine where his ideas will take him.

Noah Hawley has his other TV series, Legion, ready to make its return to FX on April 3.

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