Westworld season 2 trailer contains an Easter egg


Reddit user finds a hidden Westworld teaser embedded within the latest trailer.

Thanks to the world of Reddit and its sharp-eyed users, an Easter egg was found within the latest Westworld trailer. What exactly was it?

There is a binary code seen within a box in the trailer which leads you to the Delos website after being decoded. On the site, you can watch another teaser that is equal parts haunting and exciting.

What you see isn’t exactly a trailer for the show, but rather an advertisement for Delos itself. As it progresses, the scenes start to break up and graphic, bloody images flash in and out. When it ends, we see a host preparing to attack a Westworld worker.

The ad ends with the words, “Life without limits.” If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, there are no limits to where the second season of Westworld will take us.

Fans have broken down the creepy Delos advertisement and found frightening images ranging from human bodies being replaced as train tracks to images of Delos founder, James Delos who is seen carving his bloody face with shards of glass.

It appears Westworld is a much scarier place than we imagined. The dark secrets that lurk within the company and the hosts’ epic rebellion are sure to take the series in a mind-blowing direction.

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In addition to the teaser revelation, Pacific Rim’s Rinko Kikuchi has been cast into the second season and will be playing a character named Akane — who is a geisha in ShogunWorld.

What did you think of the secret trailer? Pretty amazing, right? HBO’s Westworld premieres season two on April 22.