Hero Report: Arrow says goodbye to an original cast member

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Arrow – “The Thanatos Guild” 

There are so many aggravating parts of “The Thanatos Guild” that Arrow got knocked down a grade out of frustration. Thea Queen has been a part of the series since the beginning and easily became a fan favorite due to Willa Holland’s acting.

To be frank, the character and actress deserved a better send off than what she got. With John Barrowman’s recent interview about how the series mishandled his departure, it feels like the Arrow people initially loved is gone. There’s nothing wrong with killing off characters, it’s something that every superhero show does to build stakes.

But the series hasn’t used those deaths to further character development or plot, just a way to get rid of characters when they’re tired of them. Looking back, it feels like every Arrow fan would take back the original cast compared to the new team compiled.

Probably the most irritating part of “The Thanatos Guild,” is how it would be more interesting to follow Thea. Her storyline with Nyssa and Roy seems infinitely more fascinating to watch compared to the current season arc.

Hopefully, DC Comics is listening to angry fans and willing to consider giving the three their own Red Hood and the Outlaws show in the future. There’s probably a lot of people who would tune in, especially with Jason Todd allegedly recurring on Titans this year.

Hero Report Grade: C-

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Rise and Shine”

Five seasons in and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a lot of Marvel history to work with. There’s a lot to unpack in “Rise and Shine,” namely General Hale’s backstory. Her teenage scenes are actually pretty interesting and add a lot of depth to a villain who was pretty boring by S.H.I.E.L.D. standards.

It’s shown that the young Hydra member is actually at the top of her class as a budding young villain. Unfortunately, Whitehall only sees a loyal woman and makes it clear that her mission will be to birth the next big super soldier. Despite her pleas for a job more suited to her strengths, he makes it clear that her greatest asset is the ability to carry a child.

However, it is finally revealed for a fact that Daisy is meant to be the “Destroyer of Worlds” when Hale tells Coulson her plans. It turns out Ruby was actually developed for the program but Hale has her doubts that she’ll be ready.

Everyone takes this at face value but based on the strong mother-daughter relationship that has formed between the two she might not want to risk her child. It explains why Ruby hates Daisy so much but it still doesn’t make the former more likable. The latter deals with Fitz this week and their relationship is still on the rocks.

He throws in her face the number of times she’s betrayed the team but been forgiven, however, there is one key difference. Every time Daisy has done the wrong things, she’s regretted it and carried that guilt with her. Fitz has zero remorse for needlessly torturing his friend and that’s what makes it unforgivable.

Hero Report Grade: B

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The Flash and Riverdale will both be on hiatus next week so DC Comics fans will have to make due with the other Arrowverse and FOX shows. Luckily, the Joker looks like he might be finally emerging on Gotham for even more unhinged hijinks. Arrow fans are probably in for another dull week in the Hero Report with a Diggle versus Oliver fight that no one ever asked for.