What 2018 bubble shows are in danger of being canceled?

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Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz) 

Things aren’t looking great for the Starz horror series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. It dropped almost fifty percent in the average ratings this season compared to last year. While the premium networks don’t normally base their renewals entirely on ratings, this is a disconcerting drop. Starz, in particular, needs to find a way to get more members to sign up compared to Showtime and HBO. If people are fleeing from this series, then it makes the renewal chances much lower.

Despite averaging a 0.08 Nielsen rating and falling eight place out of ten in the network ratings, the beloved series has a few things helping it out. For starters, the episodes are only thirty minutes which keeps production costs down. The shorter seasons also keep cast commitments down and make it easier to schedule. Ultimately, it will come down to how much Starz has faith in the series for season four. Can it have a creative resurgence to warrant another year? The network will also have to take into account how the disagreement with Optimum affected the ratings.

Verdict: Probably Cancelled

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Barry (HBO) 

Bill Hader’s dark comedy was off to an average start for HBO comedies in the ratings but has already been critically adored. A lot of reviewers went so far as claiming Barry might be the best new show of 2018. Like Starz, HBO doesn’t care so much about ratings as long as it draws in critical acclaim. This is the network that renewed The Leftovers despite the minuscule audience it had in the second season.

Based on the recent marketing push, it seems like the network is invested in keeping Barry around. Of all of the bubble shows, this is the one that looks like it’s guaranteed to get a renewal.

Verdict: Probably Renewed

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It’s hard to grade bubble shows in 2018 with so many networks relying on streaming. Ratings are no longer the main factor in deciding the fates of these series with so many new aspects coming into play. As May gets closer, networks will have to make the hard decisions about which bubble shows will be sticking around come fall.