Homeland: Lights, Amplifiers, Effin Twitter

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Thank goodness Saul takes charge this week on Homeland — and Maggie.

Carrie continues to show what her greatest priority is on any mission. Dante is just bait-meat and Franny just needs a friend. President Keane must take the highest of moral stands, while it is all but implied she has been playing the game all along.

This season of Homeland is one of the best yet, and this week’s Homeland was one of this season’s highlights.

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Let’s get Franny out the way first. It is what Carrie would like to do, and its what fans want altogether. Once Maggie can rescue Franny from a life of assault teams interrupting her sleep and give her some safe routine, the story line will require less screen time.

After Saul saw the state of Franny last week, everyone now agrees Franny deserves some shelter.

With Fanny finally going to her doctor aunt’s home full time, the Homeland writers can tidy up a storyline that was like Franny’s morning after breakfast routine, rushed and undone. This would also leave more time for espionage and politics, which brings the action to the show.

While fans want a break from the family drama, the family wants a break from Carrie. Carrie needs to take a break from one life or the other. And in the end, chose to walk out on Franny and go back to the mission control room. It is finally dawning on Saul, Maggie and definitely Franny, that perhaps Carrie is no longer as needed in either life. Saul and Max have a more stable plan for saving the country as does her sister for saving Franny.