American Gods replacing Gillian Anderson: 5 Perfect actresses to take her place

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Shay Mitchell

When it comes to successful television shows, there were few that hit it as big with the female demographic as Pretty Little Liars did from 2010-2017. Now that the show is over with, there are some very talented actresses ready for the next big thing, none more so that the show’s top stars, Shay Mitchell.

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Mitchell played Emily Fields and enjoyed a lot of success, especially when it came to the fans of the series. Mitchell picked up five nominations for the Teen Choice Awards — voted on by the fans of the show.

Mitchell, whose mother is of Filipino descent, started modeling as a young girl and ended up picking up a role in the Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation. She also had early roles on Rookie Blue and Aaron Stone.

However, it was Pretty Little Liars that made Mitchell a star and a role that she rode for seven years and 160 episodes. When the show ended, Mitchell quickly picked up a role almost immediately in the ABC pilot for The Heiresses. She also signed on for the lead role in the upcoming Lifetime series You.

The synopsis of that show is interesting — a love story about an obsessive, brilliant 20-something who uses today’s technology to make a woman fall in love with him. Modern day technology? 20-something? Sure, the description is of the male (maybe a modern-day Weird Science?), but Mitchell could play the role of Media perfectly.

Cast Shay Mitchell as Media on American Gods, and it could be the perfect fit.