10 Marvel heroes who deserve their own TV series

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Photo Credit: Marvel

With Avengers: Infinity War coming out this month, it serves as a reminder for all of the overlooked heroes. No, Hawkeye isn’t on this list but we came up with 10 underrated characters who deserve their own television series. From fan-favorite Moon Knight to LGBTQ icon Northstar, there are plenty of big names to consider for a Marvel TV show.

10. Shang-Chi 

The casting of Finn Jones in Iron Fist frustrated a lot of fans. Netflix has had some serious problems regarding representation in their library. With movies like Death Note and The Outsider, the streaming service suffered from missteps the past few years.

Developing a series for the Marvel hero Shang-Chi could be a turning point for them. “The Master of Kung-Fu” has become one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel comic books.

He’d be a perfect fit within the noir universe, and give choreographers the opportunity to develop beautiful fight scenes. Shang-Chi is an expert in multiple martial arts styles and can use a myriad of weapons.

While Daredevil and Danny have a fighting style closer to brawling, a show about Shang-Chi could showcase a more graceful clash.

Photo Credit: Marvel

9. Hyperion 

Marvel’s version of Superman, Hyperion has long been overlooked despite his compelling backstory.In the Earth-31916 version, he is raised in the United States, leading a sheltered upbringing under the watchful eye of the government.

Like Clark Kent, Hyperion landed in the Midwest and was adopted by a family. However, his childhood was manufactured by the military. Hoping to raise the boy to become the newest weapon for the United States, he quickly became isolated and sheltered. The United States goes to extreme lengths to indoctrinated the young boy as a patriotic weapon for the country.

In this day and age, it would be fascinating to view a backstory as unique as his. The government does everything possible to try and keep him as a weapon.

They build a fake school that furthers his estrangement from regular kids, fake his parents’ death to give him further motivations, and have the U.S. President shower him with confidence.