10 Marvel heroes who deserve their own TV series

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2. Nova 

Richard Rider is most likely appearing in the movies, but Sam Alexander is a well-liked hero that many fans are aching to see. His comic book creation is heartbreaking and inspiring.

Based off of the writer’s son, Sam, who died from cancer, it would be incredible to see his character come to life on TV as Nova.

Sam also has an easy-going attitude about him that feels a bit like young Peter Parker. He is first and foremost a kid before being a hero. Despite only having abilities with his helmet, he’s shown to be incredibly courageous even without it.

However, his jump to superhero is a fascinating origin story in its own right. His father was actually a Nova member, before retiring to lead a life on Earth. He suffers from PTSD as a galactic fighter and quickly becomes an alcoholic who disappoints his son.

It isn’t until he disappears that Sam finally realizes who his father actually is and makes it his mission to find him. It’s a touching beginning for a hero, and Marvel would be able to highlight the difficulties working-class families face as well as PTSD in veterans.

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1. Moon Knight

How long will Marvel fans have to wait for Moon Knight to finally debut in a live-action TV series? He is probably the most asked about superhero in the MCU.

In fact, James Gunn has even mentioned that he had a Moon Knight movie idea he had pitched to Marvel. More recently, Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight even expressed his interest in helming a Moon Knight television series on Netflix.

DeKnight previously was the showrunner for Daredevil season one, which gave fans a glimmer of hope for negotiations to eventually begin between the two entertainment goliaths.

With the DC streaming service expected to kick off soon, Marvel has some serious reasons to consider introducing Moon Knight. He’s often compared to Batman, and with the caped crusader “allegedly” making his debut on Titans, it would make sense to offer up an alternative.

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