Could Bruce Wayne be appearing in the upcoming Titans series?


A few weeks ago it was revealed Jason Todd would be stopping by Titans, but now it looks like another well-known hero will appear.

Based off a leaked call sheet, the team will be spending a lot of time in “Bruce’s Penthouse.” Could this mean that Bruce Wayne might be popping in the check on his oldest son?

Comic Book Movie got their hands on a call sheet that revealed quite a few interesting tidbits for the new show. The biggest spoiler is the shooting location mentioned above.

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From the get-go, it was confirmed that Titans include scenes within Gotham. With so many scenes taking place at Bruce’s place, it looks like the teens might team up with a mentor.

This will be a huge departure from the typical television representations of Batman. A live-action version of Bruce Wayne has only appeared twice on television: in Gotham and Adam West’s series. However, adding the caped crusader to Titans would definitely draw in viewers on the fence.

The call sheet also hints at more characters locations compared to just Bruce Wayne. Raven (who goes by Rachel) has her own bedroom in the penthouse confirming she lives with Dick. Is she going to be the sister he never had or a kid he finds on the street?

Both options seem viable at this point but it’s the other settings that are the most intriguing. The other big location is an asylum where Starfire and Beast Boy seem to live. This could explain why the team hasn’t already assembled by the first episode like the other Teen Titans shows.

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Bruce Wayne appearing in Titans makes sense considering the show will deal with Dick’s past. However, his inclusions only leave the door open for more Justice League members to appear. Could DC’s streaming service present live-action series for all of the big heroes?

Titans definitely inches the comic book giant towards a much-desired Bat Family spinoff.