A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Hostile Hospital: Part One

A Series of Unfortunate Events takes an interesting turn in the second half of the season as the Baudelaires and villains head to Heimlich Hospital. The hospital is half finished and contains a unique assortment of outlandish characters. The Baudelaires come to learn about the hospital while on the lam from Olaf.

They have been accused of killing him, even though the body was that of Jacques Snicket. After a run-in with Olaf at a convenience store, the orphans board a van labeled VFD and learn the extremely happy-go-lucky crew inside call themselves, “Volunteers Fighting Disease”. They spread cheer by singing to patients, which they believe cures any illness.

Of course, right on their trail is Count Olaf and his troupe that end up at the hospital as well. The receptionist, Babs (Kerri Kenney) bombards any visitors/volunteers with loads of paperwork to fill out. However, the Baudelaires are interested in finding the hall of records, that contains information about anything and everything. It is here they hope to learn more about the actual VFD and their parents.

However, Hal (David Alan Grier), refuses to let them read the files and only allows them to put them away. And while Violet, Klaus, and Sunny try to concoct a plan to get into the hall, Olaf takes on the disguise of Dr. Medical School. The episode takes a darker approach because Olaf and his troupe channel their evil, murderous side like never before.

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In order to get access to the records, the orphans are told they need to fill out paperwork. Left with no option but to betray their new friend, they replace and steal Hal’s keys to gain access to the hall. They find a film strip that has Jacques Snicket in it talking about a possible survivor of the fire.

Thanks to Esme showing up, the orphans are unable to finish the reel and are left uncertain if he was referring to their parents. While Klaus and Sunny manage to escape from Esme’s wrath, she captures Violet. With the orphans separated, how will they find their way back to one another? Read on to find out!