Amazon announces ‘East of West’ and ‘Transhuman’ adaptations


Amazon is continuing to expand its roster of original television shows with two more comic book adaptations – East of West and Transhuman.

Slash Film reports that the streaming service announced they would be developing titles from Jonathan Hickman. However, they also secured infamous Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, to executive produce each series.

Amazon is certainly planning to give Netflix and Hulu a run for their money this year.

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The first adaptation, East of West, is a sci-fi western that Hickman is tasked with writing. He’ll be joined by two of his illustrators — Nick Dragotta and J.M. Ringuet — and will be executive producing as well. Dragotta is the one who worked on East of West, and his input will undoubtedly assist Amazon is discovering the ultimate look for the series.

The story follows a timeline when the Civil War never ended in the United States — leading to a division of different groups. However, things fall into even greater chaos when a comet collides with the country and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse show up.

Transhuman has yet to find a writer but the three will still be the executive producers. The story is another apocalyptic sci-fi setting but this time it’s set in a future world with complex technology.

It follows a formerly married couple who offer people the ability to “enhance” themselves. Their rival corporations allow Hickman to dive into what technology and power mean to people.

Hickman has only had positive things to say about his new partnership with Amazon. In a press release, he spoke on behalf of the three creators about their excitement.

"“Nick, J.M. and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Skybound and Amazon. We feel very strongly about each project and couldn’t be more appreciative of how far both companies have gone to make us feel welcome. We look forward to doing the work and hopefully doing it well.”"

Considering Amazon just started development for the two shows, there’s still no casting for the series. However, the streaming service has the summer to start assembling its ensembles for the two.

The graphic novels are immensely popular, undoubtedly fans have already compiled their perfect group of actors for the roles.

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These new shows are a part of Amazon’s push to incorporate more genre television on their service. Both Netflix and Hulu have had immense success with comic book adaptations so it’s about time for Amazon to give it their best shot.

The Tick has been a surprising hit for the streaming network, and undoubtedly they’re confident they can find more series like it.