Trust season 1, episode 5 recap: Silenzio


This week on FX’s Trust Getty III and Angelo make a run for it–but their freedom is short-lived.

Trust continues to build on the suspense of Getty III’s fate. While it is based on real-life events, as the audience we have no idea where Danny Boyle will shift the narrative on us. This week’s episode focuses primarily on Getty III and Angelo on the run from Primo through the mountainous ranges of Calabria–extremely beautiful, might we add.

It is a rather suspenseful, thrilling episode because, with Primo and the gang close on their heels, they barely make it away each time. Their quest to survive, sans food and water, is quite the struggle as they switch between running and jumping on a train. As viewers, deep down we know that they are going to inevitably get caught–especially with the entire town searching for them.

Primo is still extremely irritated by Getty Sr.’s offer of $600 plus expenses, and his anger increases ten-fold when Angelo and Primo disappear. The mafia leader steps in and advises the town that they must help them find the two boys–or it’s off with their heads. All the while, Angelo tells Getty III that this incident will bring shame down upon his family.

Back in Rome, Gail pleads to the kidnappers on television, requesting them to make contact regarding her son. A mother’s pain continues to grow as her son tries his best to survive without any food and water. They are nearly caught multiple times but manage to escape–once by foot and once by running onto a train. While on the train, they form a bond and Getty III promises to take Angelo to New York City with him.

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Unfortunately for Angelo and Getty III, Primo finds his way to the train tracks where he spots Angelo’s glasses on the tracks. They eventually catch up with the boys, who once again barely make their escape. Exhaustion catches up with them, and Paul decides to go to the nearest town for sustenance and to call his mom.

As he finds a place to call her, Primo shows up once again resulting in them making a run for it once again. With Gail still on the phone, Primo picks it up to mock her and remind her that his demand remains at $17 million. Extremely overwhelmed, Gail chops off her hair as she reflects on the last time she saw Getty III.

Angelo and Getty III hitch a ride into another town in the back of an elderly man’s truck. The old man brings them into his home and introduces them to his cute, little wife who feeds them and gives them brandy to drink. This hospitality is really short-lived as the moment Getty III lets down his guard, all hell breaks loose.

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The woman is seen praying in her room, just as Primo busts open the door to find Angelo and Getty III. He point blank shoots and kills Angelo on the spot, and we hear another shot fired, but have no idea if Getty III was on the receiving end.At the same moment, Gail drops a glass from her hand and the look on her face tells it all. Something is wrong, something isn’t right. A mother’s intuition is always right.

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