Trust season 1, episode 4 recap: That’s All Folks


Trust discusses pending offers as Getty III remains a hostage of his kidnappers.

This week’s episode of Trust digs a bit deeper into Getty III’s kidnapping while his captors wait for some news of a reward. Primo decides to tie up Getty III next to Berto’s dead body and snap a picture of him as proof to provide to his mother.

Getty Sr. remains convinced that the entire situation is a hoax and hasn’t responded since he declared he would not pay a cent.

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Getty Sr.’s love life is indeed a complicated one in the world of Trust. While he declares his love for one woman, he entertains multiple women to have sexual relations with. Penelope is the woman he wants to spend his time with although he is convinced she is having an affair.

There also seems to be something strange going on between Bullimore and Dennis the gardener–perhaps a plot to kill Getty Sr.?

Primo has his cousin take a picture of Getty III to his mother. He calls Paul’s mother, but she doesn’t believe that they have him — since everyone is calling in claiming to have him. This places his cousin in a perplexing situation as he must now obtain additional information to prove that they have him.

Back at Sutton Place, Getty Sr. receives a ransom note which he disregards and answers back to with a generic form that he always replies with. We also learn here that Penelope has been sleeping with the pilot, at least according to Getty Sr.’s harem of women anyway. The world of Trust keeps getting crazier and more interesting, right?

Getty III starts to get close with the translator that helps him communicate with everyone. It doesn’t seem like he is too keen on the kidnapping or burying Berto’s body. The two bond as Getty III tells him about his dogs, which gives the translator some personal information to prove to Gail that they have him.

Gail attempts to reach out to Getty Sr. but he refuses to discuss anything with her — not even that she has proof Getty III is truly kidnapped. However, the photo eventually is sent to Sutton Place and Fletcher Chace that this is no longer a hoax but reality. Getty Sr. tells him to open negotiations and head back to Rome to handle this ASAP.

Gail shows the photo to Martine and the other girl that know Getty III and ask if they know who the dead guy in the photo is. Well, duh, of course, they do! Martine initially tells her no but changes her mind and gives a statement regarding Berto. She is advised to go back to Germany to stay out of harm’s way–because it’s on.

Getty Sr. comes up with a counteroffer to the ransom note–$600 plus expenses. Anything exceeding $600 is considered extortion, so he has to improvise a little bit–or quite a bit, for that matter. The kidnappers would get money, and he would not technically be paying a ransom. Interesting, really interesting.

Primo gets a call about the counteroffer, which he is extremely unhappy about. He takes out his anger on the other boys and decides he is going to kill Paul and end all of this.

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Luckily for Getty III, the translator is looking out for him and rushes into the barn to tell him they need to escape. Things just got super complicated, didn’t they?

Trust airs Sundays at 10/9c on FX!