The Avengers: 14 TV-movie crossovers that Marvel needs to make happen

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Falcon – Luke Cage

The only way for Sam to appear on Luke Cage would be if Steve would also. Both men have been buddies for a while now and often train together.

Even though Falcon is a member of the Avengers, he still can’t keep up with Captain America. Who can blame him though? If Cap were to go boxing with Luke like the beginning of the article suggests, then Falcon could take a day off.

Sam would find it hilarious for his best friend to finally find someone who can take a punch from Cap. Of course, Sam would also be excited to spend time with a different friend of Steve’s considering his disdain for Bucky.

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Even though the television characters aren’t crossing over with the films, it would be nice to have a reminder that this universe is connected. Avengers: Infinity War screenwriters commented how difficult it is to work in all the extra heroes in a movie, which is a valid point.

However, the television shows all have enough time to work in at least one cameo from an Avenger. Hopefully, with Marvel Phase Four there is more hope for a crossover in the future.