6 must-watch Netflix originals coming in May

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Bill Nye Saves the World, Season 3 – May 11

For those of us who grew up learning science from Bill Nye the Science Guy, this adult version is everything we’ve ever wanted — a Bill Nye show that grew up with us. In this series, popular scientist Bill Nye tackles scientific issues in religion, politics, and pop culture with the help of guest stars and cameo appearances.

Nye is ardently anti-misinformation and makes it his mission to give us the facts as supported by science. But like Bill Nye the Science Guy, he makes it fun and consumable, and pretty silly.

Previous seasons featured episodes on the science of sleep, marijuana, climate change, the sexual spectrum, and designer babies. There’s not a single episode that isn’t truly fascinating and genuinely entertaining.

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Season three will feature episodes on synthetic meat, evolution, climate change, the sinking of Mexico City, and filtered astronaut urine, among others. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the hilarious Paul F. Tompkins will appear as guests, along with Karlie Kloss returning as correspondent and Michael Ian Black returning as the Mad Scientist.

What is truly amazing is that despite growing older, Nye is still full of that iconic passion and energy fueled by his love of science and learning. That’s something to which I think we all should aspire.