Save the date for Sense8!


Netflix has finally announced the date for Sense8’s finale as June 8!

Sense8, created by writer J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis, was instantly controversial.

Beloved by fans and despised by conservatives, from the very first episode it was filled with vivid, raw imagery that made viewers feel like they were standing in the room with the characters, peeping in on intimate scenes, instead of watching on their tv screens. A sign of excellent directing, this made the faint of heart feel more than a little uncomfortable.

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The show centered around a group of empaths who could sense each other’s presence across the world, experiencing what the others experienced. From graphic sexual interludes to the agony of childbirth, they lived each other’s pain and triumphs.

Sense8 explored what it is to be completely connected to another human being, even when divided by gender and racial barriers. It was an attempt to force audiences to look past what separates us as a species and recognize that we all have the same wants and needs as human beings, we all experience the joys of love and the despair of loss.

Its strong LGBTQ support, combined with some original and innovative story ideas garnered the show a loyal fan base, that was devastated to hear that Netflix was not signing it for another season.

However, the same loyalty is what convinced the streaming site to create a finale; instead of leaving watchers feeling a sense of ambiguous loss.

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Sense8 is unique, even in the world of sci-fi, but maybe even die-hard science fiction fans weren’t ready for what this show had to offer. For those who were ready, and felt a strong connection to the show, at least we’ll have a little closure.

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