First looks at Black Mirror season 5!


The town of Croydon, England got a sneak peak at one of the episodes of next season’s Black Mirror, and thanks to the internet, so do we!

The anachronistic set is clearly 80’s, so it leaves us all wondering, are we going back to “San Junipero”?

The episode “San Junipero” was one of the highest rated and had watchers begging to go back, feeling that the little town had a lot more story to tell.

The creator of Black Mirror has hinted in the past that he wouldn’t be opposed to revisiting; though not likely a pure sequel.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Charlie Booker stated:

"“We’ve thought about it. There were aspects of the story that I took out. For instance, I’d originally written a scene where Gugu’s character, Kelly, is in a kindergarten and there are children there and when you realize what’s going on, it’s that these are deceased children. It was too sad and too poignant of a note to hit in that story, but I kept thinking about how that felt like a whole world in and of itself."

Booker also said that he will likely do a different form as a sequel and it might not even end up as a normal episode.

The episode was a lighter story in the series, compared to many of the others, which explore more torrid or dystopian themes.

This might be one of the reasons “San Junipero” is so loved, it was a needed break after the episode “Shut up and Dance”, which left a lot of people feeling a little uncomfortable with the conclusion (at least I did).

Each season seems to get a little darker, leading up to the last, which seemed less cohesive as a whole, with the episode “Crocodile” feeling very out of place, bordering on true horror instead of dark sci-fi.

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Whether this set marks the bright spot in season 5, we’ll just have to eagerly wait and see! Check back with us here at Show Snob often for all the latest in Black Mirror and tv news!