The Americans season 6, episode 5 recap: The Great Patriotic War


This week on The Americans, Philip aids Elizabeth in a mission while Paige gets into an epic brawl!

With each passing week, we are inching closer to the series finale of The Americans. And while Philip has pretty much left the spy life behind, he still came to Elizabeth’s aid this week when she needed him the most. True love at it’s finest, wouldn’t you say?

Paige continues to get more spy training from Claudia and Elizabeth as they educate her on the war and how many Russian lives were lost during it. Speaking of lives lost, Elizabeth took care of Sofia and Gennadi this week after they were placed in protective custody. After following Stan for clues, Elizabeth is led right to them and takes all of two minutes to end their lives.

Gennadi’s death affects Stan who spent time with him this week watching hockey. Unfortunately, a traitor doesn’t get the luxury of living thus why Elizabeth is sent on a mission to end his life.

Paige has an interesting arc this week after she tells Elizabeth about the Congressman’s intern–who she is also sleeping with. Elizabeth isn’t too keen on Paige mixing business with pleasure and says she needs to keep the two separate. Come on girl, you know better than that!

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Things only get worse when Paige gets into an argument with one of the guy’s friends and ends up punching him in the face. This further pisses off Elizabeth who tells her she can’t just go in public like that and create a ruckus.

Elizabeth and Philip finally connect this episode after what has been a very rough relationship since the season began. He also came to her aid without realizing she was using him as a pawn to get to Kimmy (whose father is a CIA officer that Philip has been following for years). She told him that he’d have to meet Kimmy in Greece and allow her to be caught with drugs–and then used as leverage against her father.

One thing leads to another and Philip meets with Kimmy to convince her to go to Greece with him. They even kiss and sleep together for the first time, which is quite frightening for us as viewers. But Philip betrays Russia when he tells Kimmy he can’t go with her but she is to stay in Greece and then come back home–and not to follow anyone to a communist country.

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Meanwhile, Paige bonds with Claudia and Elizabeth some more over lots and lots of drinking. They teach her how to get drunk without losing control of her mission. They even exchange sex stories between the three which makes for an interesting few minutes of the episode.

As we head into next week’s episode, we are left wondering what will happen to Philip if he is caught, and if Elizabeth and Paige will go down with him. Surely someone will die before the series finale–right?

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