The Americans season 6, episode 4 recap: Mr. and Mrs. Teacup


The Americans goes deeper into Elizabeth’s mission as Paige embarks on one of her own.

With the upcoming Summit looming over Elizabeth’s head, the stakes are higher. But she seems to be reaching her breaking point, and we can’t really blame her.

The episode starts off with her heading into a warehouse to get her hands on those radiation sensors we’ve heard so much about.

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Her time in the warehouse results in a bloody mess as she takes down multiple guards and leaves sans sensors. When she returns home, she speaks to Paige about everything.

Philip isn’t too excited that Paige is jumping back into things after witnessing Renhull’s brains all over Elizabeth’s face. The rift between the couple is ever-growing and it is absolutely heart-breaking to watch.

Elizabeth’s mission continues to be focused on the Summit and she gets lucky when while undercover at Glenn’s house she overhears that he will be watching the World Series with “a Russian.” She convinces his wife to go to the party too which would allow her access to the individual there.

Before heading there, she implants a microphone in Glenn’s jacket but the mission fails when Erica gets sick at the party.

Elizabeth and Philip have a brief tender moment in bed when she tells him that she is tired. It’s safe to assume the toll of the mission and going at it solo is exhausting her — leaving fans to wonder if the series finale will be Elizabeth walking away from this all. While Elizabeth struggles to succeed this week, Paige manages to get in bed with a boy who interns for a Congressman.

Even though Elizabeth told her to keep her dating life and spy life separate, we’re not too sure that’s where Paige is headed. In other news, guess who made an appearance in this week’s episode? Good ‘ol Kimmy, that’s who!

She’s knee-deep in college life and about to go vacation in Greece with her friends. Unfortunately, this presents a problem for Philip who won’t be able to get any of her dad’s recordings before the Summit.

Stan continues to work with Sofia and Gennadi this week — much to his displeasure. In order to avoid crossing paths with Stan in any way, Elizabeth puts someone else on duty to keep an eye on him. Is anyone else waiting for the inevitable reveal when Stan founds out the Jennings’ true identity?

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And then there’s Henry. Poor, poor Henry. Due to the financial troubles at the travel agency, Philip had to deliver some bad news to Henry — that he may not be able to pay his school tuition next year. Things are a hot mess on The Americans right now!

The Americans airs every Wednesday on FX at 10/9c!