Netflix announces 13 Reasons release date, drops trailer


After hinting at an announcement all day, Netflix finally lets the world know when 13 Reasons Why drops.

At long last, Netflix announced the release date of its hit series, 13 Reasons Why, through a Twitter post today at 6 p.m. The long-anticipated show will premiere on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Netflix also posted a trailer with the date announcement.

The caption of the post reads, “The tapes were just the beginning.” The show teased fans throughout the day Monday with posts saying, “The truth is developing” and a live stream.

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The announcement comes after weeks of speculation as to when the controversial series would finally premiere. Many thought 13 Reasons Why would come back exactly one year after season 1 premiered last year, March 31, 2017, in a surprise drop. But the date came and went.

The second season wrapped filming in December last year, but many post-production changes were made due to its sensitive subject matter.

The hour-long drama’s first season centered around Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), who received a set of 13 mixtapes.  The voice on the tapes was his recently deceased friend, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), explaining the reasons she committed suicide. One tape equals one reason and one episode.

For season 2, producers will add a disclaimer video at the start of each season with the stars of the show. The video will tell the audience that if they go through any of the issues on the show, it may not be the show for them. They will also inform how you can get help if you do have feelings of depression or suicide.

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Creators also created 13ReasonsWhy.Info that includes a viewing guide for the show. The idea is to keep the lines of communication open for all who watch it.

As far as what to expect next season, Kate Walsh, who plays Hannah’s mom, says the theme for 13 Reasons Why season 2 is redemption, taking responsibility, and rehabilitation.