Trust season 1, episode 6 recap: John, Chapter 11


This week Trust plays a trick on those unaware of the Getty family’s past

After last week’s episode of Trust, many of us were left wondering if Getty III had died. And this week we are almost certain we have seen the last of him after his encounter with Primo. But for those well acquainted with the Getty past know that he did not die by gunshot nor were his remains burned on a beach.

As news of Getty III’s “death” spreads, his family members start to fall apart–particularly his mother Gail. Even Getty Sr. is caught off guard by the news and starts to regret the action he refused to take to help his grandson.

When the episode begins, a burning body is shown on the beach who authorities presume to be Getty III. When Gail goes to the morgue to identify the body, she confirms it by the shoes on the corpse, since the top half is burnt to a crisp. John Paul is grief-stricken with the death of his son and falls back into his addictive habits.

As he recalls all the wrongs of Getty Sr., John Paul decides to pay his father a visit to voice his anger for all the pain and loss he has caused the family. An interesting thing happens as Gail reflects on memories of Getty III–he never tied his shoelaces. Why is this important? Well, because the corpse in the morgue was wearing shoes with tied laces.

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This sets the stage for the second half of the episode where we learn Getty III is indeed alive. We finally see what happened in the aftermath of Angelo’s death. Instead of shooting Getty III, Primo shot the old man instead and took Getty III captive.

Back at the Getty mansion, Getty Sr. learns that his grandson is still alive while being criticized by John Paul. Not to mention, one of his girlfriends is pregnant with his child–which he wants her to abort or leave the house.

We learn a bit more about Bullimore this week, aka Jahangir Khan. However, he is unable to come out of the closet despite forming an intimate bond with the gardener.

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Getty Sr. finally heads to Italy to handle the negotiations for Getty III’s release. Don Salvatore and Getty Sr. meet to discuss conditions of the release–while Chase hovers above in a helicopter somewhere waiting for the first sign of distress.

Getty Sr. refuses to pay the $17 million but they agree on $5 million–but there’s a catch. John Paul will have to find a way to get the money himself. Dun dun dun.

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