A Question No One’s Ever Even Dreamed Of Asking: This Westworld Theory Might Be The Answer


There’s a hot Westworld theory circulating after last week’s episode. Spoilers ahead…

Westworld’s most recent episode, “Reunion,” dives deep into the past, exploring the early beginnings of the park, and revealing long-awaited answers to some of our most burning season-one questions.

It takes us on a fragmented journey, offering threads of insight into the reality of Delos Inc.’s darker intentions. “Reunion,” arguably, has the least amount of action of any Westworld episode so far; however, the absence of explosions and gunfights beckons us to come closer and listen, encouraging viewers to remain alert and aware of every detail.

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This intimate, voyeuristic dynamic elevates “Reunion” from intentional to imperative, striking a captivating balance between direct, anchoring events and layered narrative, unfolding under an eerily smooth layer of suspense.

Naturally, there’s a lot to unpack, but just in case you need more to mull-over before the third episode, Westworld’s Reddit super-sleuths have pieced together a pretty interesting theory; one that spans all the way back to the very first episode of season one.

This Westworld theory suggests that Delos Inc. has somehow discovered a way to transfer a person’s consciousness, memories, and personality into a custom host body, thus creating some semblance of immortality. The theory goes further to suggest that the consciousness of James Delos is preserved in a Westworld host, Peter Abernathy.

Now, before you write this one off, let’s take a look at how they got there:

Capturing Guest Data Was William’s Idea


During one of the many flashback scenes in “Reunion,” we see Young William take Logan’s place at the helm of Delos Inc. William pitches the park to his father-in-law, James Delos, as an investment in the future and an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on the only “real” thing the park has to offer; intimate, unfiltered data on the true natures of its guests.

"“Nobody’s watching. Nobody’s judging. At least that’s what we tell them. This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are. And if you don’t see the business in that, then you’re not the businessman I thought you were.”"

Delos Sr. takes the bait and decides to invest in the park. So all of that secret experience-logging and guest-DNA-swabbing going on in the season premiere; we can thank William for all of that.

Delos Sr. Coughs, Which Means He’s Dying


In another flashback, William and Delos Sr. have a brief, but important conversation.

It is Delos Sr.’s retirement party, and the two discuss a prior arrangement involving Delos stepping down from the company board. “I was told I might not have to,” Delos coughs. William then explains that “things are progressing, but we all need a little patience.”

It’s clear from this cough-punctuated conversation that Delos Sr. is suffering from some kind of terminal illness. We aren’t told what sort of “progress” William is referring to, but it’s clear that whatever it is, Delos believes it can save his life. “Some of us,” Delos retorts, “Can afford to have more patience than others.”

Logan Is Lit, But His Brain Isn’t As Broken As It Seems


We catch up with Logan at Delos Sr.’s retirement party. Yeah, he’s bitter and in a pretty bad way. However, after taking a hit of…future drugs, he still manages to offer a sound bit of information, and hints at the bigger picture:

"“Do you want to know what they’re really celebrating up there? That, darling, is the sound of fools fiddling, while the whole fucking species starts to burn. And the funniest fuckin’ part; they lit the match. So here’s to you, assholes. May your forever be blissfully short.”"

Perhaps Logan’s “burning the species” line refers to the process of transferring human consciousness into a host body? One that can live forever.

Abernathy’s Breakdown

So why Abernathy? It’s simple. Peter Abernathy was the only host to react to the photograph of James Delos’ daughter and William’s wife, Juliet. This breakdown happens shortly after Ford enacts the “Reveries” code, allowing hosts to access their memories of past events.

According to the Westworld theory, perhaps Abernathy breaks down because instead of remembering the past events of his host body, he accesses the human memories of James Delos.


Maybe this process was William’s biggest mistake. After all, William refers to his ongoing quest for purpose and expresses his desire for “real stakes.”

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Maybe achieving immortality by replacing humans with artificial, regulated bodies trapped William in a world without real stakes, real consequences, or real purpose. And that is the world he wants to destroy.

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