The Rain Episode 2 Recap: Stay Together


When we last saw siblings Simone and Rasmuson The Rain, they were being forced back into the bunker where they spent the last six years by a group of armed strangers.

The second episode of The Rain starts at some unspecified time in the past after the rain started to spread the infection. We’re in an army vehicle with a group of young soldiers.

They come to a bridge where a superior tells them they are not to let anyone pass into the area. If someone won’t turn around after being instructed to, the soldiers are authorized to use deadly force.

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Back in the present, the strangers push Simone and Rasmus into a room in the bunker and trap them there. The strangers are looking for something, but aren’t finding it.

Simone gets the attention of a woman named Beatrice who tells her they are searching for food.

Martin, the leader of the group, orders everyone to move on. But he isn’t planning to free Simone and Rasmus.

Desperate, Simone gets Martin’s attention. She tells him there are other bunkers with food and shows him a map of them on a tablet.

Martin wants the map. But before he can really see it, Simone smashes the tablet.  The only way to get to the bunkers now is to rely on her memory of where they are. The group is starving, and the possibility of food at another bunker is enticing, so they take Simone and Rasmus with them.


In another flashback, we see Martin was one of the soldiers guarding the bridge against the infected.

He is alone on duty when a woman approaches the area carrying a baby. Martin warns her to stop but she continues into the restricted area. Martin knows he should shoot her but can’t bring himself to do it.

Then he hears cries for help over his radio. The woman walked into the soldiers’ camp, and by the time he gets there, everyone has died including the woman. Scared and horrified, Martin runs away.

In the present, Simone leads the group to another bunker. She and Rasmus slowly discover how much the world as they knew it has changed.

The strangers are alternately annoyed with the siblings’ naiveté about how the world functions in the aftermath of the infection, and skeptical that they were really in a bunker for the last six years.

The group shows the siblings how to hide from gun-toting men in gas masks who use heat-reading drones to find and kill anyone who is still alive.

Simone tries to help a woman who is being chased by the men. But after Martin has killed them, the woman falls into a creek, causing Martin to shoot her.

Simone is horrified, but Martin explains the water is still unsafe and any contact with it is deadly. If it touches someone’s skin and they don’t die immediately, they carry the virus and infect many others.

In other words, after years of dealing with the virus and seeing everyone around them die, Martin is not willing to take any risks when it comes to people’s exposure to the water.

The group finally reaches the other bunker, where they’re thrilled to find a fully stocked pantry.

To her surprise, while looking around the new bunker, Simone finds her father’s still-charged mobile phone. There’s a video message on it from her father’s boss telling him he must get to Apollon’s headquarters in Sweden.

Simone shows Rasmus the video and they decide they’re going to go to Sweden where they are convinced they will find their father.

This episode establishes just how thoroughly society has collapsed in the wake of the viral rain, a fact Simone and Rasmus have yet to completely accept. Nonetheless, Simone is determined to continue to protect her little brother at all costs.

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We’ll see if the journey to Sweden gets off to a good start in the next episode, “Avoid the City.” Stay tuned to Show Snob for more recaps ofThe Rain. You can watch the entire series streaming on Netflix.