The Rain Episode 3 recap: ‘Avoid the City’


Picking up where episode 2 finished, “Avoid the City” has brother and sister Rasmus and Simone were preparing to go to Sweden after learning from a video message that their father was likely there.

“Avoid the City” begins with a flashback. Martin and one of the members of his group, Patrick, are chasing the other three members, Beatrice, Lea, and Jean. This is when they all first met and the meeting is not friendly.

Martin and Patrick threaten the others. They plan to take their things. But knowing what they want, Beatrice says she and her companions aren’t carrying any food.

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In the present, Simone shows Martin the video message that indicates their father is at Apollon headquarters in Sweden.

Simone insists that her father is there saving the world. But the message is from years ago and Martin’s heard rumors of cures before. He doesn’t think it’s worth leaving the safety of the bunker.

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Simone still has faith, though. She is determined to make the trip—with or without the others.

Martin tells her what to do: head through Copenhagen to a bridge between Denmark and Sweden. It’s the only way there, all the other bridges were destroyed in an attempt to contain the spread of the infection. They should stay away from other people. They’ll kill for food.

When Beatrice wakes up to find Simone and Rasmus gone, she and her original two companions go after them, despite Martin’s discouragement.

In flashback, Beatrice and her companions have taken Martin and Patrick to a greenhouse where Jean cooks everyone dinner. That night when everyone’s asleep, Beatrice wakes Martin up and sleeps with him. As she walks away she declares her group is staying with him.

In the present, Beatrice and her group catch up with Simone and Rasmus as they enter the seemingly deserted city. They stop at a Burger King and eat the rations they brought from the bunker, imagining what they’d really like to eat.

At the bunker, Martin talks about how stupid Beatrice was to go after Simone and Rasmus. Then, to the chagrin of Patrick, he decides to go after her and the rest of the group. Patrick comments that Martin goes through a lot for Beatrice.

In Burger King, Lea and Jean head off to find Jean more suitable glasses while the others wait. Before they can return, starving survivors try to attack Simone, Rasmus, and Beatrice for their food. In the chaos, Simone is separated from the other two midway through “Avoid the City”.

Simone calls for Rasmus and Beatrice, but instead comes upon a little boy. He is starving and barely responsive. As rain begins to fall she takes him inside the nearest building, where she gives him some food.

The boy’s father snatches him away from Simone. He explains he wants to go to Sweden because there’s a doctor there who might be able to help.

But his son is too weak to make the trip. Simone is compassionate and gives them more food so they can get there.


Rasmus and Beatrice also find shelter as the rain starts in “Avoid the City”. She claims the house they take cover in is where she grew up, where she was born. Beatrice hasn’t been back in a long time. She hasn’t told anyone why.

She explains when the viral rain started she was at a movie theater, where she had fled after her parents told her they were getting divorced.

When the movie was over, the world had changed. Her father left several messages while she was in the movie. First, saying her mother was sick. Then, saying he was sick and she shouldn’t come home. And finally only silence.

In a bedroom of the house are two decayed corpses holding each other. Rasmus comments that it appears Beatrice’s parents liked each other.

When the rain stops, the father and son leave their shelter followed by Simone. They are quickly and brutally attacked by a band of hungry survivors. Simone slips away, unnoticed by all but one of the desperate strangers.

Simone finds the rest of the group at the Burger King where they were originally separated. They’re about to leave when the stranger from the group who attacked the father and son appears in the doorway,

He demands the group give him their food. He takes Rasmus hostage and holds a blade to his throat. Martin and Patrick show up aiming their guns at the man. He looks like he is about to let Rasmus go, but at the last-minute stabs him in the gut and flees.

Rasmus is screaming in pain. The group takes off in a mad dash to the next bunker where they believe they’ll be able to help Rasmus.

But when they arrive, they find someone was already there. And the First Aid cabinet is cleared out.

They do their best to treat Rasmus’s wound with limited supplies. Beatrice says she’ll watch him while Simone sleeps. There seems to be some chemistry between Beatrice and Rasmus throughout “Avoid the City”.

In flashback, Martin tells Beatrice that he and Patrick have decided to move on without her, Lea, and Jean. Beatrice is surprised, she thought they were going too.

Then she tells Martin she has a secret. She points out a nearby house. She claims the house is where she grew up, where she was born, but she hasn’t been back since the infection started spreading.

Her story sounds familiar, but this is not the house she and Rasmus were in when she told him a similar story earlier in the episode.

The story gets Beatrice the results she was after. Martin takes pity on her and decides her group will travel with him and Patrick now.

In the present, Martin shows Simone a digital map Patrick found in the previous bunker. It shows a quarantine zone he doesn’t remember and what looks like a wall.

Martin thinks this could mean that part of the country was walled off, and on the other side of it, people are no longer sick. “Avoid the City” ends with him believing they all should go there.

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We’ll see where the group is off to next and if their backstories get filled in further in episode 4, “Trust No One.” After this week’s revelations, that title seems like good advice.

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