The Rain Episode 5 Recap: Have Faith


“Have Faith” finally introduces the episode we almost inevitably reach in every post-apocalyptic series: The “group finds a safe haven that’s too good to be true” episode.

When The Rain‘s fifth episode, “Have Faith,” begins the group is struggling to locate shelter as the rain threatens to fall. Patrick is growing increasingly frustrated with Simone’s navigation skills. Lea pulls him away from the rest of the group so he can cool off.

When they’re alone, Lea tells him she misses Jean too. Lea and Patrick bond over their loss. Lea tells Patrick Jean’s right here with them. Now calm, Lea and Patrick go to rejoin the group when they notice something: it’s a super-creepy-looking mansion!

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But the group desperately needs to get inside before the rain begins, so they approach the house. They are met by three people who are all dressed the same way. They say the group is welcome inside but they must surrender their weapons.

Necessity makes it impossible for the group to say no in “Have Faith”. Inside, the leader of the residents tells them that if the group comes inside they are part of them. Whoever they used to be, their past no longer matters. There is only the present.

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They are locked in a room for the night. In the morning, another resident, Karen, comes to get them. She takes the group past beautiful gardens to a room full of showers.

She tells them to wash up and put on the new clothes that are provided for them. The group is skeptical—how can they get wet without getting sick? Karen assures them that the water has been cleaned and is completely safe.

To prove it, she turns on a shower and stands under the water. The group is shocked. Martin wants to leave. But Lea and the rest of the group are thrilled to shower for the first time in who know’s how long.

Afterward, Simone notices that Rasmus’ stab wound is bleeding again. It’s infected and needs to be cleaned.

In a dining room, Martin finds Lea, Beatrice, and Patrick eating a meal. Martin demands answers from Karen. He doesn’t understand how the residents have vegetables and bread. Are they a cult?

The leader of the residents comes in and says he understands Martin’s distrust. But he dismisses the idea that the residents should be doubted because they are one. Martin calls this out for ridiculous non-explanation it is, but the others believe the residents genuinely want to help them.

Later, Lea apologizes to Karen for Martin’s skepticism. Karen invites her to their monthly celebration, which takes place the following day, and tells Lea she reminds Karen of her daughter.


In flashback, a dressed-up Lea is trying to leave her house to go to a party. Her mother tries to stop her. Lea attempts to convince her mother to let her go. She says others may drink and smoke there but she won’t. Finally, Lea brushes past her mother saying she won’t be out late.

In the present, a doctor is examining Rasmus’ wound midway through “Have Faith”. He says they’ve run out of antibiotics so Rasmus will need to rest.

The doctor wants to sedate him. But Simone notices that the syringe the doctor wants to use looks a lot like the syringe wielded by the doctor who tried to kill them in the previous episode. She refuses to let Rasmus be sedated, and when the doctor isn’t looking slips the syringe into her pocket.

Back in their room, Simone compares the syringe she took from the doctor at the mansion to the syringe she kept from their encounter with the previous doctor. She finds the doctor at the mansion again and questions him. Is he connected to Apollon? What’s in the syringe? She doesn’t get any answers.

Throughout “Have Faith” Karen is teaching Lea to let go of her past. Lea protests. She feels guilty about something.

In flashback, we see Lea at the party. Two kids drug Lea’s drink. Later, a visibly inebriated Lea is led into a bedroom by three boys. She wakes up the next morning half-dressed. She opens up her phone and sees a video. The boys filmed the entire assault and posted it online.

Lea calls her mother and asks her to pick her up. Lea’s mother says everyone has seen the video from the party. She tells Lea she’s on her own now and hangs up.

In the present, Martin is snooping around the house.  He finds a kitchen in the basement where it looks like meat is being butchered. A resident finds him and kicks him out.

Upstairs, Martin runs into Simone who tells him about her strange encounter with the doctor. Martin takes her back to the basement kitchen but it’s been completely cleared out.

Meanwhile, Beatrice checks on Rasmus. He asks Beatrice if she and Martin are a couple again. She says she doesn’t know.

Simone walks in. Beatrice asks where Martin is. Simone says she doesn’t know.

Beatrice finds Martin in his room. She says she knows Martin’s been hanging out with Simone. But Martin insists he’s just trying to figure out what’s going on in the house.

During another session with Karen, Lea flashes back to her past. She wanders around the house where she woke up after the party. Outside, she sees a bunch of the kids from the previous night. They are watching their phones and laughing.

Lea prays to God for help. Then it starts to rain. All the kids outside die. Lea’s mother calls. She’s had a change of heart. She’s going to pick Lea up after all. As she steps outside, Lea hears her die over the phone.

In the present, Lea tells Karen that she killed her mom. But Karen corrects her—Lea lost her mom, but she didn’t kill her. Karen lost people too. But they are still in her heart.

Martin goes back to the kitchen in the basement while the rest of the group attends the residents’ monthly celebration. The residents’ leader explains that during the meal they observe absolute silence in order to dissolve themselves as individuals.

As everyone begins to eat in “Have Faith”, Martin finds a man’s disembodied torso in the freezer. (Who saw this one coming? Don’t be shy.)

After the meal, everyone picks a small package out of a bag. As they do, the leader says they will now choose the next individual who will gratify the rest of the group with their body. The person whose package contains the flower will be the chosen one. And will go directly to the basement to give their life to the rest of the residents.

Realization dawns on the group members. They just ate a person. The leader insists they’ve just been allowed to share the ultimate love.

Martin tries to rescue his friends. But the residents’ doctor pulls a gun on Martin and insists his friends stay until someone finds a flower in their package.

Unfortunately, Lea has drawn the short straw. She is about to be dragged away, but Karen intervenes. Karen claims the flower was actually hers. She thanks everyone for the honor of living on in them. Lea cries as Karen is taken away, but Karen tells her Lea must live.

Martin and the group are now free to go at the end of “Have Faith”. As they leave the mansion, Simone once again asks the doctor about Apollon and her dad. The doctor admits that he and her dad destroyed the world.

After the group leaves, the residents’ leader kicks the doctor out too for the crime of retaining the past. The doctor protests that they have to own what they did, but the leader won’t hear it.

The doctor catches up to the group in the woods before “Have Faith” ends. He has the syringe Simone asked about. He says he thought what was in it would save the world, but instead, everyone died. Then he uses it on himself. As he starts to become violently ill, Martin shoots him in the head.

Not surprisingly, the place that seemed too good to be true actually was. Who had cannibalism checked on their cheat sheet of bad things people do during an apocalypse?

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On the plus side, Lea was able to deal with some of the baggage from her past. And that’s something—even in a dystopia.

More The Rain recaps will be coming your way soon.. The entire season is available to stream on Netflix.