The Rain episode 4 recap: ‘Trust No One’


At the end of the third episode. Martin had decided that the group needed to get to Sweden.

As episode 4 of The Rain, “Trust No One,” picks up, Lea is watching trucks drive by through binoculars, while Jean swings a crystal unicorn on a chain nearby.

They talk. Lea tells Jean he’s nice. He protests that that’s a compliment only a mom would give. When Lea says that it’s true, Jean tells her she doesn’t know what he’s done.

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The scene flashes back to Jean looking at what appears to be a headstone with the same crystal unicorn he was playing with hanging off of it.

Then we flash back further. Jean is alone. He collapses from hunger. A stranger approaches. He asks for help just as he passes out.

In the present, Rasmus shows Simone his stab wound. It looks terrible. Simone tells Martin she needs to get Rasmus to a doctor. She wants to take him to the doctor in Sweden she heard about from the father she met in the previous episode. Martin agrees.

Problem is Rasmus can’t walk in his current condition. That means they need a vehicle. As Simone and Martin talk, Beatrice dotes on Rasmus. Is she trying to make Martin jealous? Martin pulls her aside. He asks her on a date, which she says she’d like.

Martin then asks her why she’s leading on Rasmus. Beatrice is pleased to see he’s jealous. The only people who have working vehicles now are the armed men who use heat-reading drones to find survivors. The men the group taught Simone and Rasmus to hide from in the second episode, which they refer to as “The Strangers.”

This is why Lea and Jean were observing vehicles through binoculars at the beginning of the episode. After they decide on a vehicle to target, Simone acts as bait.

The Strangers’ drone finds Simone and when they corner her, Martin, Patrick, Jean, and Lea are there to knock them out. Patrick wants to just shoot the men and get it over with, but Martin wants to question them. Besides, he promised Simone he wouldn’t kill them.

At the bunker, Beatrice is re-bandaging Rasmus’s wound. She flirts. Then she casually mentions that it seems like Simone and Martin are getting along.

Rasmus is surprised by the implication. He thought Beatrice and Martin were together. Beatrice rejects the idea. Both Martin and Simone ask the Strangers what’s on the other side of the quarantine zone, but the Strangers aren’t giving up any information.

Then, Jean notices something. One of the Strangers has a tattoo of what looks like a snake on his arm. He runs to Martin and Patrick and tells them they have to kill the Strangers immediately.

Martin orders everyone to get in the Strangers’ vehicle. The group hears gunshots. Then Martin walks to the truck and they drive off.

In another flashback, we see Jean wake up in a cozy house. The family that lives there—a mother, father, and daughter—feed him. He tells them he hasn’t seen his family since the rain. The daughter, Vilde, who is deaf, wants him to stay with them. He agrees. He and Vilde bond as she teaches him sign-language.

In the present, the group makes it over the bridge to Sweden and uses the heat-reading drone the Strangers left in their vehicle to find the doctor there. The doctor takes them in and stitches up Rasmus’s wound as the rest of the group waits.

In a flashback, we see Strangers drive up to the family home that took in Jean. The father goes to see what they want as Jean stays back with Vilde. The father asks the Strangers to leave. As he walks away one of the Strangers, a man with a snake tattoo on his arm, shoots the father through the heart. Jean hides with Vilde, restraining her from running to her father and covering her mouth to keep her quiet.

At the sound of the gunshots, the mother runs out and is dragged off by the Strangers. When the Strangers are gone, Jean releases his grip on Vilde, but she’s gone limp. In his zeal to keep her quiet, Jean inadvertently suffocated her. Vilde’s dead.

In the present, Beatrice confronts Martin about Simone. Beatrice says Martin could learn to express his feelings from Rasmus. Simone tells the doctor they’re heading for Apollon headquarters to find her father. The doctor asks his name.

When Simone tells her, the doctor pauses. She says she needs to do one more thing to help Rasmus: give him a tetanus shot, which she has nearby. The doctor leads Simone and Rasmus to another bunker, leaving the other five behind at her house. Simone is surprised the doctor has access to a bunker.

The doctor confesses she used to work for Apollon. She says she didn’t know their dad though. In the bunker, the doctor restrains Rasmus and then, to Simone’s surprise, attacks her.  As she chokes Simone, she tells her that Simone’s father killed her husband and children.

At the house, the group realizes Simone and Rasmus are taking a long time to get back. Beatrice and Lea decide to track them down. Martin and Patrick are going to stay at the house.

They both try to get Jean to come with them. Finally, Jean heads into the house to look for food. Inside, Martin notices that two vehicles have pulled up to the property and the Strangers are approaching the house, the same Strangers Martin supposedly killed.

Jean sees the Stranger with the snake tattoo. He grabs Patrick’s gun, runs to the man, and shoots him in the head. The other Strangers knock Jean out and drag him away. Martin wants to shoot the Strangers and rescue Jean, but Patrick stops him. He thinks there are too many to take on. They both flee.

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At the bunker, the doctor is fuming. She says everything that happened with the rain was Simone and Rasmus’s father’s fault. When she worked at Apollon, she warned him that you can’t play God and not expect dire consequences., but he wouldn’t listen. She is going to kill Simone and Rasmus in retaliation for their father’s actions.

The rest of the group finds the bunker where the doctor has taken Simone and Rasmus. Patrick goes to get them. When he sees Simone tied up and Rasmus restrained, he shoots the doctor and frees the siblings.

The group finds shelter for the night as the rain comes. Sabine has had a change of heart. She tells Martin he should have killed the Strangers in Copenhagen. Martin disagrees with her. Sabine takes his hand as Beatrice watches from the shadows.

In another flashback, Jean stands at Vilde’s grave. He has hung her crystal unicorn off of the make-shift headstone he made. Lea and Beatrice are there with him. They invite him to go with them and the trio walks off together. Jean takes the crystal unicorn as they leave.

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Jean hasn’t been a major focus of the show so far and it looks like he may be gone just as we were getting to know him better. It’s too bad because this was an interesting glimpse into someone who had seemed like a minor character until now.

What did you think of this episode and the revelations about Jean’s past? Tell us in the comments.

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