Santa Clarita Diet renewed for season 3!


Santa Clarita Diet will return for a third season!

Who else is excited about Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet being renewed for another season?! We are absolutely thrilled over the news of this zombie-esque series returning for a third season which will hopefully surpass the morbid humor of the seasons that precede it.

The entire cast, including Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, will return for a 10-episode third season, set to premiere in 2019. Season two shed light on how the zombie outbreak began–damn clams! And ended with a cop learning the truth about Sheila.

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Where will the story go from here? And will season three bring a possible cure to the zombie outbreak? Between season one and two only a month has passed, so the entire situation is still relatively new for the family. How they will continue to maneuver through this impossible obstacle will be interesting to see in the next season.

Season two was quite successful in its viewership (at least based on Rotten Tomatoes), and showed an increase in the audience score from season one. And we would have to agree! Season two brought even more humor, ridiculous scenarios, and impossible situations for the Hammond family to get out of.

In fact, the Netflix comedy really cemented itself as one of the best shows on the air. Santa Clarita Diet really came into its own this year and most fans were excited to hear the show will be back next year.

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 Santa Clarita Diet getting a season renewal is great news considering Netflix has been especially particular in what original shows it is renewing. While they snagged another season, Netflix announced that The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would be ending after its fourth season.

Here’s to hoping that our beloved Hammond family continues to be a part of the Netflix family for years to come!

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