The Rain episode 6 recap: Keep Your Friends Close


The survivors from The Rain have just escaped a people-eating, past-rejecting, mansion-dwelling cult. So what are they going to do now in “Keep Your Friends Close”?

Episode 6, “Keep Your Friends Close,” picks up with three people addressing the camera. They say we’re terrible employees, bad romantic partners, we simply can’t be helped.

They’ve tried to give us a chance, but they’re at the end of their rope, and it’s just not going to work out. As the camera settles on one of them, the shot swings around to an unresponsive Patrick. He is playing with a lighter as his girlfriend dumps him. All three monologues were directed at him. Before The Rain, Patrick’s life wasn’t going too well.

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In the present of “Keep Your Friends Close”, Patrick and Martin are standing guard outside the dilapidated house where the rest of the group is sleeping. Patrick comments that the zone they’re in feels like their place. Martin disagrees. He says the only reason they’re there is they didn’t know of anywhere else to go.

But Patrick says if it weren’t for both of them being there he and Martin wouldn’t have met. Martin retorts that it’s not like they’re really friends.

There’s a rustling in the woods. They’re worried it’s the Strangers, who are still tracking them. A stray dog runs out of the trees. Martin prepares to shoot it but Patrick stops him. He throws rocks at the dog to get it to run away. He doesn’t want to kill everything.

The group needs food so they have to get to the next bunker, but Rasmus protests that he can’t move. Simone blames the infection from his wound.

They decide that Beatrice will stay with Rasmus and the rest of the group will go to the next bunker and bring back the food they find.

Before they leave in “Keep Your Friends Close”, Martin tells Beatrice to take care of Rasmus—he likes her. She asks Martin how he feels about that but Martin doesn’t know. Beatrice comments that he and Simone get along well. That’s something the two of them never had. Martin agrees.

When the others leave, Rasmus shows Beatrice his wound. It looks completely healed and doesn’t hurt him anymore. He was faking his pain. He just wanted to hang out alone with Beatrice for the day.

The rest of the group makes it to the bunker, but someone was already there. There are children’s drawings and stuffed animals strewn around.

Simone doesn’t want to take the food they find because she doesn’t want to take it from the family she assumes will return. Patrick argues that it’s not their problem. But no one seems to be on his side. So, Patrick grabs a bottle of liquor and settles down to wait for the others to sort it out.


In a flashback, Patrick’s father finds him in his room. He’s gotten Patrick a car. Patrick’s thrilled. Then his father tells him he can drive away, and he doesn’t need to come back.

In the bunker in the present, Patrick finds a tablet with hundreds of videos. He opens one. It shows a researcher giving a research subject a shot. At first, there’s no reaction, but then the man quickly starts convulsing.

As he dies, the person on the other end of the video conference asks if there are any more subjects. The researcher says only an 8-year-old girl is left. He is told to proceed.

Patrick wants to leave the bunker as quickly as possible. He doesn’t want to be experimented on next. Simone argues the experiments were just the researchers searching for a cure. But Patrick says he only sees a man killing another man.

No one wants to stay in the bunker, but when they get outside it’s already raining.

At the house, Rasmus and Beatrice watch the rain. Rasmus is shaking. He’s become dependent on the painkillers he was taking. Beatrice tries to get him to think about something besides the pills.

Trapped in the bunker, Martin asks Patrick if he’s upset. Patrick, who continues to drink, can’t believe Martin said they weren’t friends earlier. Martin protests that’s not what he meant but Patrick walks away.

In a flashback, Patrick passes out in his car while he’s smoking. In the background, it starts to rain. When Patrick wakes up, it’s dry. He leaves his car and walks to a nearby beach. To his shock, all the beachgoers are dead.

Back at the bunker, Patrick goes to talk to Simone who is keeping watch at the bunker’s entrance. Patrick comments that everyone in the group seems to have someone, except him.

Patrick tries to kiss Simone. But Simone steps away. Upset and embarrassed, Patrick pushes Simone into the rain.

Patrick calls for Martin. He urges him to shoot Simone, but Martin hesitates. Lea jumps in front of Simone, backing into the rain to protect her. As Martin and Patrick argue, the girls slip past them into a quarantined room in the bunker.

At the house, Beatrice teaches Rasmus to dance. Unbeknownst to them, the ceiling is starting to leak. As Beatrice kisses Rasmus, a drop of water hits her cheek.

Beatrice freaks out. The water’s a death sentence. But in “Keep Your Friends Close,” Rasmus is optimistic. The water barely touched her and she seems fine. He kisses her. And if she’s not, he’ll die with her. It’s the essence of a romantic screen moment, so Beatrice and Rasmus do what any reasonable teen couple would—sleep together.

At the bunker, Martin is mystified. Simone and Lea still aren’t ill. What if the rain isn’t dangerous? He goes to let the girls out of the quarantined room. Patrick tries to stop him and then confesses he was the one who pushed Simone into the rain.

Martin walks outside into the rain. He doesn’t get sick. He celebrates with Simone and Lea as Patrick looks on from a safe, dry distance. Simone and Martin kiss.

Afterward, Simone confesses to Martin that the man on the video who was giving the orders was her father. Maybe they shouldn’t go to Apollon headquarters after all. Martin says they’ll talk about it in the morning.

Martin finds Patrick and tells him to pack his stuff. When Patrick comes out of the bunker, Martin tells him to leave. He can’t be there anymore because he tried to kill Simone.

In a flashback, Patrick’s pulls his stalling car into a driveway. Martin points a gun at him from the garage. It’s the pair’s first meeting. As Patrick lights a cigarette, Martin asks for a light. Patrick agrees as long as Martin doesn’t shoot him.

In the present, Rasmus wakes up next to Beatrice. But Beatrice is unresponsive.

Patrick walks towards the house. Rasmus shouts to him that Beatrice isn’t breathing and carries her towards him. Patrick runs away. He doesn’t want to get infected.

As he runs through the woods, Patrick falls. Someone approaches him from behind and puts a black bag over his head as the credits roll.

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“Keep Your Friends Close” brought up some intriguing new questions. Is the rain no longer fatal? Are some of the survivors immune? And who just got to Patrick?

Maybe we’ll get some answers in the next episode of The Rain. Keep it here for more recaps. And the entire series can be streamed right now on Netflix.