Trust season 1, episode 7 recap: Kodachrome


“Kodachrome” explores the history of the fractured relationship between Paul Getty and Getty Sr.–and once again leaves Getty III stranded.

This week’s episode of Trust was an interesting one as we learned more about the history between Paul Getty and Getty Sr. In the present we know they are distant and have an extremely damaged relationship, but “Kodachrome” helps us to understand exactly why this is the case.

While this episode is a bit slow for being more than halfway through the season, it does provide some much-needed information about the relentless Getty Sr. As we have come to learn, Getty Sr.’s children resent him immensely with Paul Getty at the top of the list.

This episode takes us back to the past when Getty Sr. reaches out to a young Paul Getty about returning to Italy and working for the company, rather than pumping its oil at a gas station. It seems like Paul Getty’s life with his wife and Getty III was tough but they were happy. When they return to Italy, Paul Getty is in for a rude awakening.

He is fooled into thinking that his father wants to give him a higher position in the company. Instead, he is put through the wringer as every decision Paul Getty makes is rejected by Getty Sr. This leads Paul Getty down the path we see him on in the present–a drug-ridden alcoholic. It is perhaps what leads to his eventual divorce and family breaking apart. Now we can see where all the hate comes from, right?

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And while “Kodachrome” is riddled with flashbacks, we can’t forget that Getty III is still with his captors. In last week’s episode, Getty Sr. makes a deal for $5 million to release Getty III but he intends to have Paul Getty pay for it. Exactly how does he want this to happen?

He fools Paul into thinking that he is letting him take money out of the trust, but really he is providing him with a loan that he expects to be paid back with interest. Ouch. All the while, Gail is under the impression Getty III will be returning home soon and prepares for it alongside Fletcher.

During the course of the flashbacks, we see Paul continuously failing at the hands of his father while his marriage falls apart. Eventually, he and Gail decide to have an open marriage which inevitably leads to divorce when the two fall in love with other people. All the while, young Getty III is witnessing the destruction of his family.

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By the end of “Kodachrome”, Paul rejects Getty Sr.’s offer to give him a loan for the ransom and storms out of the room over his father’s betrayal. Simultaneously, Primo and his boys are waiting with Getty III tied up in their car, and soon realize that no one is coming with the money.

Fletcher receives a call over the distressing news and shares it with Gail who was anxiously awaiting to celebrate Getty III’s birthday with him upon his return. Poor Gail.

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