Archer: Danger Island recap: ‘Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit’


This week’s Archer episode, “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit” opens with a serious conversation on the legitimacy of Pam sucker punch to Archer last week.

While brainstorming on the best approach to saving their airline operations, Pam and Archer figure out why this island has so many busy bodies looking to exploit it. Mallory set her terms and lays down the law, while Charlotte and Cyril both get short-changed in their partnership. Read on for more about “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit”.

The third episode of Archer: Danger Island, opens Pam and Archer having one of the more serious disagreements on a simple definition of what constitutes a sucker punch. This is happening in the cockpit of Archer’s beleaguered airplane, which judging by the sounds, is running. After a couple of sucker punches to each other, Pam points out that the knockout blow, Mallory, is standing outside of the plane.

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Killing the throttle, Archer and Pam join Mallory on the ground in “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit”. With the main street full of destroyed business fronts, Mallory demands Archer to pay for the damages. She does not care how. Pam is only upset because Archer has said finally that anything goes to get out of this jam. Though not that chinchilla shack. That flavor did not sweep of the nation. It was too chinchy tasting.

While sitting outside of the wrecked plane, and after a proper sucker punch from Pam, Archer finally gets the point. They too must search for the mysterious idol that is more than likely gold but most definitely not monkey shaped. If they can find it first, they will have the leverage to sucker punch Mallory, and the Germans, turning the tide of their enterprise and the war. But really just their enterprises, sans ratchiladas.

With Mallory’s demands stated and the term not even close to agreed to but in full effect, Pam, Archer, and Crackers start developing a plan while Charlotte serves her role as bait. Fuchs(Cyril) will be distracted by Charlotte at the hotel while the others break into the German’s cabin.

In his plan to find the idol, Cyril (Fuchs) needs to sharpen his phrasing, though his pencil is fine. Lana understands these terms of negotiation. Who needs trust when there is money and anything else, literally and figuratively. Cyril is throwing out low ball numbers with high hopes of a night with his princess and the idol. He can even promise that Lana will not have to worry about France. Lana knows how to tease, and seal, a deal in “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit”. She also knows how to spot a bad one, unlike Hawaii.

Lana says, “If you really want to get bent over, just ask a missionary.” Lana tells Germans she will not be pushed over like those Hawaiians. Lana has more guile. If you want to learn secrets, Lana knows that pillow talk and playing to man’s ego can shed light on plenty of information. In the end, the island will get one million German marks and the best German museum in the world. For kids, it will be for the kids of course.

While Crackers knows the difference between burglary and robbery, he is terrible at whichever he is participating in. With no hands to open the door, and having already accidentally ransacked the cabin, Pam just smashes her way in. Finding the map, the Pam makes a copy just as Cyril is arriving back at his place. In need of yet another distraction, Crackers stays behind while the others escape.

Back at the hotel, Charlotte is being broken and entering the danger zone. Mallory hurries the ‘courtesan’ plan along but then comes in to break up the party before any real damage is done. With Charlotte in bed and Cyril escorted out, Mallory has the run of her hotel again.

After the dust settles, Charlotte should employ Crackers as her legal counsel. Since Crackers can explain the difference between burglary and robbery, he could problem give her a good argument to get her nine dollars from Mallory.

For a few more bucks, she could become a life coach and explain to the inconsiderate though well endowed German Cyril why he is still single. Though like a catch-22, life coaches may not be a thing yet. Also, German officers in 1939, well, were not bothered with such trivial matters. To show they care, the Germans will build the most-grand museum, for zee children.

Following up on his threat in “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit”, Cyril is having his meals at Luigi’s now. The German’s lack of satisfaction with the Italian’s efforts is obvious as Cyril draws out a long story. Apparently eating at Luigi’s is worse than being attacked by a furious bat.

Also at Luigi’s, and sitting at the bar, Archer is trying to make sense of Pam’s hastily drawn map. It is highly unlike this map will be of any use, but it all they have. Not only is the Archer plane incapable of aerial surveillance, Crackers is carrying wounds and not able to fly. Some fella mistakenly beat Crackers thinking he was a bat.

While some fans may not care for the unconnected tangents that last full seasons, the new approach to the same characters has kept Archer fresh. If Crackers fails to warm a viewer’s heart, was that viewer ever really a fan? With Pam explaining the idol will not be a monkey, Archer definitely uses Pam speaking directly to the camera wisely in “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit”. Pam could care less if Archer is dreaming, and the way she tells it is hilarious in every decade.

This time and perception warped season of Archer has lacked in real action so far, but the dialogue has lived up to the sharp Archer standard. Archer’s mission this season has become defined, get the idol and saved a wrecked situation. If Archer cannot satisfy Mallory’s demand, he will have to pack his duffel bag and leave the island, somehow. Archer must get his plane out of la roux; which of course Pam thinks is gravy.

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Don’t monkey, no definitely not a monkey…do not fool around (Phrasing!)…Unless one is suffering from the problems of city permits or poor people diseases, they should catch Archer on Wednesday’s at 9 EST on FXX. Or, in the end, as Mallory unsympathetically tells a ruminating Pam, ‘no one cares’ when you are left out of the joke.