Six inches of daylight in Archer: Danger Island


In the first episode of Archer: Danger island many of this season’s premises and storylines had to be developed quickly.

It is the depth and commitment to the running gags that made Archer great. In this episode, “Disheartening Situation,” we get to experience just another day on the island, or the air above it, for Archer and Pam.

Charlotte gets her freedom, sort of, and Mallory declines to expose her true business inclinations. Read on for more on the latest episode of Archer: Danger Island.

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On the latest episode of Archer: Danger Island, “Disheartening Situation” begins the moment after last weeks ending cut — the moment Pam, Lana and Cyril have parachuted out of the plane.

With Archer wondering why everyone is mad, and Pam continuing her rant even while her parachute is deployed, their inevitable reunion would be interesting.

At least Crackers (Krieger) has made it out and will guide Pam and her two inexperience sky jumpers to safety. To begin the journey Crackers is tossing out jokes that all fall limp, while Pam must get Lana and Cyril out of the trees.

Pam easily catches Lana but debates leaving zee German. Lana pleads with Pam, as she needs him for her island’s fledgling industry. Maybe Pam just wants to hook up with Lana again. Pam plays it tough though, telling Lana not to get any ideas.

Getting out of the dangerous forest alive is proving difficult. Crackers sees a chance to fly out of danger but is scared of learning Pam’s drunken Parrot recipe. Cyril is scared of everything, furthering the coward act that has always been present in his character.

Charlotte is freed even though she ate all the chocolate. Let those who are innocent of such a crime cast the first chocolate this way, and maybe it was the best option all along. She is going to have to find a new option after running away. She has a different definition and vocabulary than Mallory — and work as a ‘courtesan’ is not her shot of bourbon.

As Archer’s best calculations reveal his range is woefully short of the island, he fears the worst. However, with the help of a dead stick and a tailwind, Archer gets within sight of the island but has nowhere to land. With his plane 49 feet wide, and the street 50 feet by his calculations, landing on the street is possible. Might as well try it — Archer is immortal after all and can do a lot with six inches.

When Archer awakens from his crash landing on the barely 40-foot-wide street, he ventures out to rescue Pam. Pam is involved in a war, guns a-blazing against the island’s dragons that perhaps have shark senses and characteristics. Just as the shark lizards are closing in, Archer comes into the scene, his guns a-blazing as weOn

One their way out, Pam asks how Archer found them, since he was last seen dead in the air. While Archer has been thinking of six inch dead stick landing jokes, Pam has been stewing over the fact the fuel pump should have been fixed, averting the situation entirely.

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Pam’s right cross to Archer’s face lands with more stiff force than any of Cracker’s or Archers limp jokes. Her fart in his face is a thorough burn. Though this season is mostly disconnected from all other Archer seasons, the connected jokes and lovable characters are still delightfully fun and crass.

For those soured on the time warped seasons, just give this season six inches of a chance, because we all know Archer can do a lot with six inches.