The Americans season 6, episode 6 recap: Rififi


The Americans celebrates Thanksgiving in “Rififi”–sans Elizabeth.

As the series finale of The Americans inches closer, things are starting to get more dangerous and heated. In “Rififi” the aura of Thanksgiving is surrounding the atmosphere, however, the family will have to celebrate without Elizabeth who has been called away on a rescue mission. Elizabeth and Philip continue to have marital issues as Philip grapples with his loyalties to his new life and to his country.

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Things get interesting when during Thanksgiving dinner, Stan proposes a very American-centric, anti-Russian toast referring to the idea that there are people out there that don’t want them to live in peace. This makes for some awkward glances between Paige and Philip during “Rififi” who understand the heaviness of that statement and their role in it.

Henry, who is on a break from school, is becoming cognizant of his parent’s drift and addresses his concerns to Philip who assures him all is well. But this may not be the case for long because Stan has a breakthrough in his case when they find a Russian asset to gain information from.

Could it be possible that Stan is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from discovering his neighbors have been Russian spies all along? Seeing as how there are just a few episodes left ever–we think so. In an attempt to get the Russian asset out, Elizabeth is sent on a mission to get him, despite Philip’s refusal to let her go.

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After arriving in Chicago, Elizabeth doesn’t seem too optimistic they will succeed in their mission–but anything for her country, right? Throughout “Rififi”, it feels as if Elizabeth is saying goodbye for the last time over and over again. Could it be that this mission is to be her last? Something tells us this just might be the case.

Back at home, Philip feels torn and conflicted over his loyalty and finds an encoded message as he rummages through Elizabeth’s things. He sends it to Oleg to decipher but what it says, we are not sure of yet. Afterward, he calls Elizabeth to check in and she admits that it is not going well–and despite his reluctance to help, he tells her he is on his way.

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