The Americans season 6, episode 7 recap: Harvest


The Americans has us on the edge of our seats as Philip and Elizabeth work together on a dangerous mission and Stan inches closer to the truth.

Who else was freaking out a little bit on this week’s episode of The Americans? We have been waiting years for the moment Stan would learn the truth about his Russian spy neighbors, and this week sets off the path of suspicion.

Philip joins Elizabeth in Chicago to help her with an extremely dangerous mission–extracting an asset out of the FBI’s custody. This mission may mean the end of their lives but country before life is the motto they live by–well at least, Elizabeth does.

This makes for an awkward exit for Philip because Henry is visiting home from college but is left behind with Stan when Philip has to leave. This alerts Stan to something feeling off, but Philip shrugs it off by saying the business is failing and he has been stressed over it.

When Philip arrives in Chicago, Elizabeth seems to calm down with her partner-in-crime by her side. She starts to tell him what has been going on with the missions and shows him the poison pill in her possession in case she ever gets arrested. The two of them gather up workers to help them in their rescue mission which is an elaborate plan involving distractions and driving.

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With the FBI constantly following the Russian asset, its a seemingly impossible task they must take on. But, we are dealing with Philip and Elizabeth, and they somehow manage to get the asset into their car. But then, things go downhill fast. They switch cars and drive off but are soon blocked by two FBI agents who try to shoot them down.

They manage to kill Marilyn but Elizabeth quickly takes her spot in the driver’s seat while Philip shoots down the agents. Unfortunately, the asset has been shot too and survives only mere minutes after the confrontation. But with his dying words, he reveals that the sensors are on an Air Force base in France.

They make their way to a garage and remove dead Marilyn’s body and hands, and leave the Russian spy behind. We see Philip hacking off Marilyn’s body parts, which has to be one of the most disturbing scenes we have seen on The Americans. The mission failed and they had to dispose of their friend’s body–things aren’t looking too great at all.

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Back at the FBI headquarters, Stan starts connecting the dots when they hear about the aftermath of what Philip and Elizabeth have done. He is told a man and woman were involved and suddenly it dawns on him that something may be up. He breaks into the Jennings home and snoops around looking for any evidence he can find but doesn’t succeed.

Later, Elizabeth meets with Paige to talk about the failed mission and warns her that if she decides to live this life, then she must do it forever. Paige is on board. Her next stop? Applying for an internship at the State Department.

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